Nicotinamide Riboside Supplements: Top 11 NAD+ Boosters List

NAD+ is a coenzyme – found in every living cell, the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It transforms all we eat into all we are and do. Just put, cells need energy. NAD+ helps cells build energy. The more NAD+ accessible, the more cells are required, and the better cells can operate. NAD+ supplements supply precursors to your body to make dinucleotide nicotinamide adenine or NAD. It is generally found as a positive ion; hence you will often see NAD as NAD+.

This chemical has an essential role in the ability of your body to produce energy and increase cellular metabolism. NAD+ supplements are pretty popular with those who strive to lengthen their lifetime and improve their living quality at age. We have picked out the top eleven NAD+ supplements for you, especially if you would like to retain more energy as you get older.

About Nicotinamide Riboside

Niagen (Nicotinamide Riboside) is an alternate form of vitamin B3, generally known as niacin. Like other forms of vitamin B3, the body converts nicotinamide riboside into a coenzyme or a helper molecule (NAD+). For several critical cellular activities, NAD+ works as fuel. Examples include converting food to power, repairing damaged DNA, strengthening cell defense mechanisms, and setting your body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm.

The level of NAD+ decreases typically with aging in your body. Low NAD+ was associated with health concerns such as aging and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and eyesight loss. Interestingly, animal studies have shown that increasing NAD+ levels can assist in reversing indications of aging.

Nicotinamide riboside supplements, like Niagen, are popular because they appear to increase NAD+ levels exceptionally efficiently. Trace levels of nicotinamide riboside are also present in cow’s milk, yeast, and beer. To sum up, Niagen is an alternate form of vitamin B3. It is advertised as an anti-aging supplement because it increases NAD+ levels in your body, fuel for many major biological activities.

Is It Worth Using NAD+ Supplements?

NAD+ nicotinamide riboside supplements are particularly effective in boosting NAD+ levels in your blood. One essential element we sought when formulating our rankings was the nicotinamide riboside, a vitamin B3 molecule. This molecule has reached its high level of importance because the study demonstrates its potential to enhance NAD+ levels in the body fast and effectively. Researchers from Iowa University presented scientific research showing that nicotinamide riboside leads to considerable increases in NAD+ in mice and humans.

A single dose of Nicotinamide Riboside has increased NAD+ levels by 170 percent over just 12 hours compared to normal levels. The study results also reveal that high amounts of nicotinamide riboside are unnecessary: 100, 300, and 1000 mg doses are equally effective in enhancing NAD+ in the blood. This is good since it implies you don’t lose out when taking a smaller amount of nicotinamide riboside. In comparison to nicotinamide riboside, nicotinamide and nicotinic acid may not be as effective at boosting NAD+. All niacin derivatives and relatives can be challenging to maintain straight because their names are similar. Still, nicotinamide riboside or NR is the most effective of the many NAD+ precursors.

The 2016 research also compares nicotinamide riboside with these two other NAD+ precursors, some of them called Nam and NA, and shows that NR is the best way to enhance the levels of NAD+. Researchers have also seen that Nam and NA appear to be metabolized through metabolic routes other than NR. This is amazing since they are all precursors of the same chemical. However, these findings may suggest that some NAD+ precursors have higher efficiency in specific applications than others. For example, only NR has increased NAD+ in cardiac concentrations than other NAD+ precursors in this study, which has not increased NAD+ in the cardiac tissue.

Supplements from NAD+ could assist increase your metabolism and avoid some of the damaging impacts of obesity. Since NAD+ plays a crucial role in cellular metabolism, obesity is a clear prospective application area. The metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes that can occur from excess body fat are one of the principal unfavorable health consequences of obesity.

Some evidence suggests that supplements that increase NAD+ levels can help protect you against these adverse metabolic effects. One similar paper was published in Cell Metabolism in 2012. Mice given a nicotinamide riboside supplement could withstand the unfavorable metabolism consequences of a high-fat diet. Increasing NAD+ levels in the body could aid with obesity health consequences and adverse health impacts resulting from aging.

High NAD+ levels in the brain may contribute to protecting you against degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Research in rats repeatedly demonstrates that NAD+ levels in the brain decrease rapidly with aging. A report released in 2013 showed that NAD+ losses go hand in hand with a rise in central nervous system oxidative damage. The researchers theorized that the accumulation of oxidative damage caused by declines in the body’s ability to slow down and prevent oxidation is behind the decrease in cognitive function of the brain with growing ages.

Another investigation on an Alzheimer’s mouse model showed how mitochondria are a hallmark impact on central nervous system degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The researchers were able to reverse unfavorable changes in mitochondrial function in their mouse model of Alzheimer’s. They utilized NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide, an NAD+ precursor present in NAD+ supplements) to increase NAD+ levels in the mice. Although these researches are still in the early phases, as many of the borders of NAD+ supplementation, these preliminary animal studies are quite promising to help treat or perhaps even prevent or reduce the development of human neurodegenerative illnesses.

More studies, including clinical studies, will be needed to confirm these results, but the initial indicators of animal studies are still quite encouraging. Boosting NAD+ levels can improve your heart function as you get older and prolong your heart health. Your heart tissue is one place in your body with an extraordinarily high mitochondrial concentration and, therefore, a very high requirement for NAD+. Several studies suggest that increasing NAD+ levels can positively impact heart function because heart disease and heart failure are related to lower NAD+ levels. One study, published by Pankaj Chaturvedi and Suresh Tyagi in 2017 in the Journal of Cellular Physiology, cited investigations suggesting NAD+ supplementation can improve the heart function of animal cardiac insufficiency models.

The connection between NAD+ and cardiac health also appears to be linked to cardiac stem cells: your stem cells will also no longer function and perish when you become older. However, NAD+ supplementation can aid in maintaining your muscle stem cells as you grow older, which will improve your cardiac health (your heart being a muscle, of course). The NAD+ animal’s supplement could even reduce damage caused by ischemia and reperfusion, two origins of cardiac damage in heart disease.

Animal study shows that NAD+ may enhance your muscle performance and perhaps lengthen your life. In the publication in 2016 in Science, a prominent newspaper was reporting on a wide variety of research with NAD+ precursors (a fundamental component in many of the top NAD+ supplements) to increase NAD+ levels in aged mice. The researchers demonstrated considerable improvements in muscle function following NAD+ supplementation by conducting extensive tests on the muscular physiology of the old mice both with and without the NAD+ supplement. In addition, the NAD+ mice had significantly longer lifespans than the NAD+ supplement control mice.

Researchers have partly chalked this up to an increase in the protection offered to stem cells: the inevitable decrease of aging has been stabilized in mice with greater NAD+ levels by sustaining the ability of body-self repairment. As more studies come out, we will learn more about whether these effects are for people, but NAD+ supplements, particularly nicotinamide riboside supplements, seem to have a shining future.

Who Should Take NAD+ Supplements?

NAD+ supplements are best suited for older persons who desire to decrease the aging process and molecularly improve their bodily health. Investigators point out that raising NAD+ levels in your body can help protect your brain against degenerative disorders and even suppress some of the detrimental effects of cholesterol.

Due to this type of proof, NAD+ supplements are well-known for older persons, alongside more renowned fish oil, vitamin B12, and eye vitamins. NAD+ supplements operate by giving your body NAD+ synthesis precursors. Most individuals have appropriate NAD+ levels thanks to the systemization pathway involving tryptophan amino acid or niacin B-vitamin. However, some study suggests that raising NAD+ levels across the usual range could contribute to protective effects for older adults.

The relation between NAD+ and aging is because many of your aging stresses, such as damage to DNA, oxidation, and inflammation, raise the body’s NAD+ requirement. Indeed, one of the postulated mechanisms for extending the life and anti-aging diet techniques such as calorie restriction and intermittent fasting is their potential to change the NAD + metabolism. Mice research suggests that supplements that might enhance NAD+ levels can protect against many of the distinctive health deteriorations of age.

For example, a 2016 Nature Communications study found that mice fed an additional product that enhances NAD+ levels. Even on a high-fat diet, they may fight weight gains, avert hearing loss, prevent peripheral nerve damage from diabetes, and even retain the role of their stem cells as they age. All these studies show that NAD+ is one of the most intriguing supplements for older folks.

Top 11 NAD+ Supplements

Alive By Science

image 1

Alive By Science offers many NAD+ boosters that work differently than any supplement in our list, including unique liposome gel. Alive By Science is well recognized for its NAD+, LIPO Gel Resveratrol, and NMN with LIPO Gel Resveratrol. The gels are sublingual for maximum absorption. Alive By Science also offers powdered NMN and NAD+ supplements that can be applied in a handy capsule to take advantage of NMN and NAD+ supplementation. Alive By Science can have the correct NAD+ boosters for your anti-aging demands with several alternatives to meet all tastes and preferences.

Cymbiotika NMN

image 2

Another popular and well-known NAD+ booster supplement available today is Cymbiotika’s NMN. Cymbiotika NMN supplies nicotinamide mononucleotide to your body (NMN), the direct NAD+ precursor and a key component for enhancing your body’s NAD+ levels. Each Cymbiotika NMN capsule contains NMN and complementary ingredients such as apigenin, green tea extract, resveratrol, and green coffee beans. Cymbiotika NMN can raise NAD+ levels within your body by providing you with antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals, and precursors. Cymbiotika suggests that two capsules be used every day to enhance energy revitalization, guard against aging, and protect healthy DNA, cognitive health, and other effects.


image 3

Elysium was one of the NAD+ booster space precursors. The supplement has a proven B-vitamin compound, which Oxford patented for slow brain shrinkage as you age. In one study, the B-vitamin complex in regions linked with learning and memory delayed gray matter degeneration by 86 percent. Elysium contains omega-3 fatty acids, anthocyanins, and antioxidants, with increased bioavailability, besides its unique vitamin complex B. In addition, Elysium allows you to acquire a biological age test kit to test the supplement’s effects. Take Elysium every day, then use the kit before and after the supplement to test your age. Elysium can help you reverse the clock and support anti-aging effects. Elysium offers two primary NAD+ supplements, including long-term brain health (Matter) and basic health (for general anti-aging and DNA health). Elysium is also one of the only NAD+ booster supplements supported by actual human clinical research.

HPN Supplements NAD3 NAD+ Booster

image 4

HPN Supplements provide an NAD+ NAD3 enhancer. Announced as a “youth fountain,” the recipe offers 311 mg of a single formula per serve. During the use of NR or NMN by other NAD+ boosters, HPN supplements have a different approach: a proprietary blend has been established called the NAD3 Patent-pending formula. This recipe contains theacrine, wasabi, and copper nicotinic acid, which can allegedly increase NAD+. By taking NAD3 every day, it is alleged to raise telomerase activity for aging, help cellular inflammation to be reduced, enable NRF2 to detoxify, and boost NAD+ for mitochondrial function.

Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator

image 5

Life Extension tells you what your compliment is supposed to do straight in the name: the supplement is intended to rejuvenate cells by supporting NAD+ production. Life Extension NAD+ Cell Regenerator comprises a 300mg dose of Niagen NR as particular NAD+ boosters described here. Trans-resveratrol has been added to each amount for different effects leading to greater NAD+ levels.

According to life extension, the NAD+ cell regenerator can improve cellular tiredness control and promote mitochondrial health and the young creation of cellular energy, among other impacts.

Liftmode NMN

image 6

NMN Liftmode contains 10g of mononucleotide nicotinamide in each bottle. Unlike NR, NMN is not a vitamin B3 variation. Instead, it is a synthetically manufactured nucleotide, like NR, associated with anti-aging properties through its effects on NAD+ levels. Each Liftmode NMN jar includes 10 g pure NMN, making it easy to adapt the dose you want. Liftmode’s formula NMN Liftmode supports healthy cellular energy levels, offers strong regeneration effects, sharpens cognitive function in the aging brain, and offers further benefits. In addition, Liftmode uses a transparent plastic jar to maximize purity and power.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal NAD+ Gold

image 7

Scientific Quicksilver sells a popular NAD+ booster product called NAD+ Gold. The addition claims to increase NAD and lead to good aging, memory, and vitality. As with the NAD+ as mentioned earlier Alive By Science boosters, NAD+ Gold uses liposome delivery to provide you with enhanced disponibility, resulting in more active chemicals ending up in your bloodstream. Press two pumps in your mouth and hold them for 30 seconds to take NAD+ Gold. Then swallow. Then swallow. The formulae contain NAD+ (including NMN) precursors that help to increase NAD+ levels in the body.


image 8

RiboGEN is a supplement containing 300 mg NR per serving of nicotinamide riboside (NR). The manufacturers of RiboGEN claim that their formula is the only drug product with the same purity as NR used in medical and clinical investigations.

RiboGEN’s NR works similarly to the NR used in other NAD+ supplements described here. This is a precursor for NAD production and provides your body with the elements it needs to make NAD, which results in higher NAD+ levels. RiboGEN is a nonsensical NR supplement associated with putative NAD+ enhancing effects at 99.5% riboside content and 0.5% NAM. Each bottle contains 300 capsules (300 portions), which makes the price of RiboGEN compared to other supplements on this list.

Science.bio NR Chloride Powder

image 9

Science.bio puts on this list one of the most potent ribosides (NR) nicotinamide supplements. You can mix or put the powder in your capsule as necessary to benefit from the potential NAD+ enhancement—every batch of NR Chloride Powder from Science.Bio is batched and coded with publicly viewable laboratory data to guarantee quality and transparency. To reduce damage, the jar is also protected against UV. That implies you obtain a maximum dosage of nicotinamide riboside – all without the filler elements seen in other NAD+ boosters marketed today online.

Tru Niagen

image 11

Tru Niagen is one of NAD+’s most famous promoters — and for a good reason. The supplement supports cellular energy synthesis and encourages cell repair with 500 mg of Niagen nicotinamide riboside (NR) per capsule. By taking one Tru Niagen capsule daily, you might presumably boost NAD+ by 80%, based on research using 100 mg, 300 mg, and 1000 mg Niagen NR daily. Tru Niagen is available in 300mg and 500mg doses. Many people use Tru Niagen every day to alter cell energy, aging, health, and wellness overall. You may also buy 30 counts, 90 counts, or 180 Tru Niagen count bottles. The more you purchase, the more savings you save. Tru Niagen is one of the few NAD+ boosters on the list, supported by specific scientific data.

Toniq NMN

image 10

Toniq’s NMN could contain some of the better packages on this list. The no-nonsense package is what you would expect when dealing with an NAD+ booster based on a no-nonsense NMN. Each bottle includes 99% pure NMN to enable your body to manufacture more NAD+ precursors. With the larger package of 180 capsules, you can save even more. By taking Toniq NMN daily, you can receive quality nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) in every serving, helping you promote NAD+ production in your body.

NAD+ Supplement Dosage

The correct dosage of an NAD+ supplement will depend on your specific NAD+ precursor. Doses of 100 to 300 mg daily appear to be beneficial if you use nicotinamide riboside. NMN research has investigated a dose of 100-500 mg per day for safety purposes alone, not to establish the optimum beneficial dosage level. For the problems mentioned above of flushing, itching, and other adverse effects, nicotinamide, and nicotinic acid are limited to fewer than 500 mg a day.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing NAD+ Supplements


Some NAD+ boosters utilize or disguise their ingredient labels with proprietary formulations, making it difficult to check what is inside the solution. We chose NAD+ boosters with transparent and honest labels of components that removed all guessing.


The pills with NAD+ boosters may have the proper chemicals but at low doses. After each NAD+ booster was tested, we ensured that adequate amounts of those components were employed.


Niagen, Cymbiotika, and Elysium are three of NAD+’s most renowned and recognized booster brands. You have been making high-quality NAD+ booster pills for many years. Some of the leading firms even invested in human clinical studies. We chose companies with an established reputation over those who wanted to make an immediate difference from the NAD+ supplements hype.

Ingredients Used

It’s not an exact science to boost NAD+. Studies demonstrate that turmeric, resveratrol, and other nutrients could raise NAD+ in particular, which is why many of these compounds contain NAD+ boosters. While we did not punish companies without supplementary substances, we considered complementary components in our rankings.

The Components

NR and NMN are the two most confirmed substances to enhance NAD+. All NAD+ enhancers use one of these two substances. Both are precursors of NAD+ synthesis. The higher we classify, the more clinically confirmed substances a NAD + booster is employed.


Some folks would like to spend 30 dollars on NAD+ boosters. Others might want to spend $200. We provide NAD+ boosters at a range of costs. However, we stressed good value at every price to ensure that your investment was not lost on any of the above-mentioned NAD+ supplements.

Tests And Reports

Some of the top supplements for NAD+ boosters in our list are supported by clinical trials. Companies have been investing in human trials to verify their extra work as stated; the better, the more scientific data to help NAD+.

Impacts Of The Supplement

Some NAD+ boosters misrepresent their advantages, stating that they may reverse your age by 20 years or drop 50 pounds in one month. We were concerned about NAD+ boosters, and we chose companies with more honestly touted advantages.

Do NAD+ Supplements Have Side Effects?

The adverse effect profile may vary depending on the exact NAD+ supplement you are taking. The most well-known side effects of NAD+ supplements are “flushing,” skin redness, and pinching (typically your face or your fingers), which you feel shortly after the supplement is taken. Flushing is connected with a type of vitamin B3, nicotinic acid, or NA. There is no flushing of other NAD+ precursors. A Slovenian study shows that while human research is lacking for most NAD+ precursors, extrapolating from animal data suggests that they are probably safe at human levels. The only significant exception is high nicotinamide and nicotinic acid dosages. These NAD+ precursors are not meant to be used in very high dosages (more than 500 to 900 mg a day) because they can lead to high levels of liver enzymes, abdominal pain, itchy skin, flushing, and vomiting.

NAD+ Supplements – The Literature Review

According to the NIH (2018), researchers provided a group of mice specifically designed to exhibit human-like age-related memory impairment with an NR supplement. Some mice got NR supplements for three months in their drinking water, whereas others took a placebo. In the NR group, mice experienced reduced DNA damage, greater neuroplasticity, enhanced neuronal production, lower neuron damage, and reduced DNA damage (memory-related hippocampal damage), among other benefits.

According to Carles Canto (2013), NAD+ boosters can offset high-fat diet effects. Mice had a high-fat diet paired with an NR or placebo supplement. Mice using the NR supplement acquired 60% less weight, exhibited higher levels of energy and better oxidative metabolism than the mice on placebos.

Using an NR supplement to boost NAD+ can also aid muscular function and strength. You lose muscular function and strength as you get older. According to Ozge Ozkaya (2016), scientists provided the mouse with an NR supplement or placebo and noticed superior strength and strength improvements than in the placebo group in the NR group.

According to Basil P. Hubbard (2017), many folks also use NAD+ boosters to repair DNA. DNA repair may sound like a broad and poorly defined advantage. However, specific investigations have proven NAD+ boosters’ ability to repair DNA. For instance, in one study, NAD+ supplementing precursors enhanced DNA repair and muscle tissue health improvements in just one week. Researchers could not determine in this study the difference between two-year-old mouse and four-month-old mouse tissues. The NAD+ precursors (such as NR and NMN) could turn the clock back after aging.

Other research has demonstrated that NAD+ boosters prolong longevity through increased SIRT1 activation, a type of protein in sirtuins. For instance, researchers have observed in this study on mice that NR supplementation enhances the lifespan of mice via enhancing mitochondrial activity. You don’t need an NAD+ booster product to increase NAD+ levels. Instead, studies demonstrate that fasting, limiting caloric intake, and other modifications in food and lifestyle can considerably raise NAD+ levels.

According to Yu Wang (2014), researchers found that consuming between 20 and 30% fewer calories than usual is connected with greater NAD+ levels. Similarly, this study revealed that the rapidity and calorie limitation boosted NAD+ levels and elevated SIRT1 activation, leading to an increase in lifespan. For these reasons, many argue that the keto diet and intermittent fasting schemes can increase NAD+.

Although many NAD+ investigations involved mice rather than humans, several human trials have been conducted. For example, researchers showed that NR safely and effectively supplements NAD+ levels in healthy persons in this study. Similarly, a study in Nature Communications found that an NR supplement dramatically increased NAD+ and diphosphate adenine ribose levels (ADPR).

Health Benefits Of NAD+ Supplements

May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Aging predisposes one to heart disease, the most significant cause of death in the world. It can increase blood vessels, such as your aorta, thickness, rigidity, and flexibility. Such changes can increase your blood pressure and make it more challenging for you to work. In animals, the NAD+ increase contributed to the reverse of age-related artery alterations. In humans, nicotinamide riboside increased NAD+, contributed to aortic rigidity reduction, and systolic blood pressure decreased for people at high blood pressure risk.

Enzymes Can Be Activated To Promote Healthy Aging

Nicotinamide riboside helps to enhance your body’s NAD+ level. Responding to NAD+, specific enzymes can stimulate healthy aging. One group is sirtuins, which seem to improve animals’ lives and overall health. Studies show that sirtuins can repair damaged DNA, increase stress resistance, reduce inflammation and bring additional benefits to healthy aging. Sirtuins are also responsible for the extended lifespan of the restriction of calories. Another group consists of polymerases (ADP-Ribose) (PARPs) that repair damaged DNA. Studies correlate increased PARP activity with reduced damage to DNA and a longer lifetime.

Converted Easily To NAD+

NAD+ is a coenzyme or aid molecule involved in numerous cellular activities. Research demonstrates that NAD+ levels continue to diminish with age while required for overall health. Low NAD+ levels are associated with poor aging and various hazardous disorders. One strategy to enhance NAD+ levels is to use NAD+ precursors—NAD+ building blocks—like riboside nicotinamide. Animal studies indicate that nicotinamide riboside increases NAD+ blood levels by up to 2.7 times. Moreover, your body is more efficiently utilized than other NAD+ precursors.

It May Help Protect Cells Of The Brain

NAD+ serves a vital role in helping your brain cells age well. NAD+ helps govern the development of PGC-1-alpha, a protein that appears to protect cells from oxidative stress and mitochondrial impairments in brain cells. Researchers believe that oxidation and mitochondrial function are associated with age-related brain illnesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Nicotinamide riboside has increased brain NAD+ levels and PGC-1-alpha synthesis by up to 70% and 50%, respectively, in mice with Alzheimer’s disease. By the end of the trial, the mice performed memory-based activities much better. Nicotinamide riboside increased the NAD+ level in a test tube research and improved mitochondrial function significantly in stem cell patients treated with Parkinson’s disease. However, persons with age-related brain diseases increase NAD+ levels. We need more human studies.

May Help In Loss Of Weight

Nicotinamide riboside contributed to the acceleration of mice’s metabolism. However, it is unknown if the effect would be the same in humans and how strong it is.

May Lessen The Risk Of Cancer

The high levels of NAD+ help protect against damage to DNA and oxidative stress associated with cancer development.

It May Help Deal With Jet Lag

NAD+ helps control your body’s internal clock; therefore, taking Ziagen may help treat jet lag or other circadian rhythm disorders by resetting your body’s internal clock.

May Encourage Healthy Muscle Aging

Rising NAD + levels contributed to improving muscular function, strength, and stamina in aged mice.

Natural Alternative Ways Of Improving NAD+ Supplement

There’s good news, however. If you want to remain young and enjoy a long and healthy life, there are ways to improve your body’s NAD levels naturally. The different methods are as follows:


Fasting is practiced worldwide in many religions. In addition to its spiritual advantages, fasting turns out to be advantageous to our health. Fasting or lowering your calorie intake is a fantastic way to increase body NAD levels indirectly. Fasting has been demonstrated to raise NAD+ and certain levels; proteins found to halt the aging process. Although quacking can increase NAD+ levels effectively, extreme decreases in calorie consumption or fasting could have a detrimental effect. There are also speculations that intermittent fasting or low-carb ketogenic diets can have comparable favorable benefits.

Dietary Supplements For Nicotinamide Riboside

Nicotinamide Riboside has been found in vitamin B3 recently. No one took care of this molecule until the study showed that our bodies can employ NR to metabolize NAD+! After this finding, there were various NR supplements on the markets. Several studies have indicated that NR supplements help enhance NAD+ levels in the body.


Training is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to enhance NAD+ levels. Our bodies need energy from NAD+ as we practice. In essence, exercise causes our bodily muscles, the powerhouses of cells, to make more mitochondria. Increased mitochondria synthesis leads to a natural elevation in body NAD+ levels.

Too Much Sunlight Could Be Harmful!

Research has demonstrated that excessive direct exposure to the sun might deplete the NAD+ body. This is because our body requires NAD+ to repair cells harmed by direct exposure to UV rays from sunlight. If you feel excessive exposure to sunlight is inevitable, you should wear sunblocks, sunglasses, or sunglasses.

Foods That Enhance NAD Levels

Some meals can increase NAD levels in the body. Some of them are:

Dairy Milk

The study has shown that cow’s milk is a good source of Nicotinamide Riboside (RN). A liter of fresh cow’s milk is approximately 3.9μmol NAD+. So you get younger and healthier while you enjoy a refreshing glass of milk!


Another reason you can enjoy fish here! Some types of fish such as tuna, salmon, and sardines are rich body NAD+ suppliers.


Many individuals like mushrooms and them regularly in their diet. But did you know that mushrooms, particularly criminal champagne, also assist in increasing NAD levels naturally? Yes, that’s true. That’s true. So, enjoy eating the mushrooms and keep looking younger and younger!


Yeast is used in the manufacture of bread and other bakery products. Yeast includes Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), which is a NAD precursor. Here is another cause for you when you visit the bakery to eat your favorite pastries and buns! Enjoy your favorite food while simultaneously raising NAD levels. How cool this is!

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables include all kinds of nutrients, which in several ways are advantageous. It was recently discovered that green veggies are also a rich source of NAD for the body. Some of these are peas and asparagus.

Whole Grains

Vitamin B3 also contains RN, a precursor for NAD, as stated earlier. When vegetables, foodstuffs, or grains are cooked or processed, they lose their nutrients and their supply of vitamins. It is therefore advisable to eat raw veggies and take whole grains rather than processed foods as well.

Cut Down On Alcoholic Beverages

NAD maintains the body’s entire metabolic function. Alcohol tends to interfere with these mechanisms and to impair NAD effectiveness. You should therefore avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages because they are not beneficial for your health too.

FAQs About NAD+ Supplements

Q: Which NAD+ Supplements Are The Most Effective?

A: At the moment, the finest NAD+ supplements are those that are based on nicotinamide riboside. This NAD+ precursor is rapidly absorbed and has been demonstrated to raise blood NAD+ levels and cardiac NAD+ metabolite concentrations. While NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide, has shown promise in animal experiments, the most critical data currently available points to nicotinamide riboside. That is why our best-selling NAD+ supplements, such as Elysium Basis and TRU Niagen, include nicotinamide riboside.

Q: Can NAD+ Supplements Aid In The Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease?

A: While no rigorous clinical trials support the use of NAD+ supplements to alleviate Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, there is some indirect evidence from biochemistry research and animal models that supplementing with NAD+ may be beneficial. For instance, a 2018 scientific publication published in the journal Current Opinion in Psychiatry includes considerable research demonstrating that aging and degenerating brain cells had decreased NAD+ levels. While the efficacy of NAD+ supplements in terms of alleviating actual symptoms is still hypothetical, it is an intriguing possibility, and considerable research is currently underway.

Q: Is It Possible To Obtain NAD+ Through Food?

A: While the body cannot absorb the NAD+ content of food, NAD+ precursors such as tryptophan, nicotinamide riboside, and nicotinic acid may (vitamin B3). Cow’s milk, turkey, salmon, mushrooms, and nutritional yeast are all excellent sources of these NAD+ precursors.

If you are not getting enough NAD+ precursors in your diet, or if you want direct control over the amount of these precursors in your body, consider taking an NAD+ supplement in addition to these items. If you are taking a supplement for NAD+ and consuming a diet rich in NAD+ precursors, always take a daily dose of nicotinamide of 500 mg (vitamin B3). Increased levels of other NAD+ precursors appear to be harmless; however, excessive vitamin B3 can induce itchiness and flush the skin. However, if you are not taking a vitamin B3 supplement, you should be alright.

Q: How Are NADH And NA+ Different?

A: NADH and NAD+ are two different oxidation states of the same molecule. The “reduced” form is NADH, whereas the “oxidized” form is NAD+. When NAD+ is used in biological processes, it switches between reduced and oxidized forms, acting as a cog in the cellular machinery that generates and regenerates energy for your body.

The terminology is irrelevant when it comes to supplementation: neither NAD+ nor NADH can be absorbed directly. Rather than that, you must consume meals or supplements that contain precursor molecules that your body can convert to NAD+.

Q: Which NAD+ Sublingual Supplement Is The Best?

A: Sublingual, or under the tongue, supplements are a convenient way to take NAD+ precursors if you or the person you care for cannot swallow pills or dislike them. We were particularly impressed with Quicksilver Scientific NAD+ Gold’s formulation and ease of administration: the spray container was simple to use, and the nicotinamide mononucleotide formulation appears to be effective. While sublingual NAD+ supplements are beneficial for specific niche groups, capsule-based products are preferable for most individuals who take an NAD+ supplement: you receive a more constant dosage, a better value, and gain access to the most potent NAD+ precursors.

Q: Is It Better To Take NAD+ In The Morning Or Evening?

A: According to early pharmacokinetics research on NAD+, the time of day you take your NAD+ is probably irrelevant. This is because your NAD+ levels remain increased for an extended period following a single dose of NAD+. A single daily dose of the NAD+ supplement nicotinamide riboside maintained consistently high blood NAD+ levels (even though NAD+ has a relatively short elimination half-life).

If you see an increase in NAD+ levels, taking it immediately in the morning may be beneficial, but taking it at night is also acceptable—safety trials with NAD+ supplements have revealed no influence on sleep quality.

Top 11 NAD+ Supplements Conclusion

NAD+ supplements give the precursors necessary for your body to produce more NAD+, a critical molecule for cellular energy generation and wellness. NAD+ supplements are especially beneficial for older folks since they may help you maintain a healthy weight, protect your nervous system from degenerative damage, and minimize DNA damage and inflammation. The most effective method of increasing your NAD+ levels is to take a daily supplement that contains at least 100 mg of nicotinamide riboside, as this precursor to NAD+ has been shown in human trials to enhance NAD+ levels directly.

Notably, nicotinamide riboside boosts NAD+ and its metabolites in critical body parts, such as the heart. Suppose you wish to increase your energy production, strengthen your resistance to the harmful consequences of obesity, and potentially even maintain improved cognitive function far into old age. In that case, an NAD+ supplement may be beneficial.

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