County closes much of Dockton Park pier

King County has closed much of the pier at Dockton Park because of structural damage.

Last week, a structural engineer determined that the breakwater and finger piers needed to be closed to public use, according to Doug Williams, a spokesman for King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. The main pier remains open and is accessible from the beach, and boaters can tie up to it for day use only at no cost. The closed areas are currently cordoned off with barricades.

“We knew that we had a lot of investments ahead of us to bring the facility back to better shape, but we were not expecting to find the amount of damage we did see,” Williams said.

The county will determine in the next month whether or not the dock, which was installed in 1986, will open for the summer. Williams said the dock’s concrete panels have significant cracking and flaking. He also noted tripping and pinching hazards from extensive damage to connecting bolts.

Williams attributed some of the damage to this winter, with large tidal swings and an unusual number of freeze/thaw cycles.

— Susan Riemer