Following crimes, north end neighbors will set up watch

Islander Nancy Wolff’s vehicle has been recovered in Kent.

Islander Nancy Wolff’s Honda CRV has been found, after it was stolen in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Dec. 29 following a burglary of her home.

The burglary was reported in the Jan. 6 issue of The Beachcomber and has also been a topic of interest on social media, where Wolff has kept islanders updated on the case.

In response to recent criminal activity in their neighborhood, Wolff said that she and her neighbors are setting up a neighborhood watch on the north end, which has generated a great deal of interest, she said.

Wolff awoke the morning of Dec. 29 to find that an intruder had broken through the French doors of her home, located on Palisades Ave. SW. Once inside the house, the intruder had stolen Christmas cards including gift cards, a watch she had given her husband, and her purse which contained her car keys.

When Wolff stepped outside she saw that her CRV was gone and that her husband’s car had been broken into and ransacked. She reported the theft and burglary to the King County’s Sheriff’s Department.

On the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 5, Wolff was contacted by the Kent Police Department, who notified her that her vehicle had been located in a strip mall off of Pacific Highway in Kent.

The license plates had been taken off of the car, and at press time, Wolff had yet to see the vehicle herself. Wolff’s insurance provider is currently in the process of evaluating if the car will need to be repaired or replaced.

Additionally, another of Wolff’s neighbors was subject to an attempted vehicle theft recently, which occurred at around 12:29 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 6.

“The homeowner followed his stolen car and was able to direct deputies on their whereabouts,” said Tim Meyer, Media Relations Officer for the King County Sheriff’s Office.

One suspect was arrested and was booked into King County jail.

Note: This article updates “Car theft, burglary impacts north end of island,” published in the Jan. 6 edition of The Beachcomber.