Road work will close island streets

  • Tue Aug 8th, 2017 9:54am
  • News

Two Vashon roads will see closures this month as King County road crews perform work on them.

On Monday, a section of Cedarhurst Road will close at 7 a.m. for roadway repairs and will not reopen until Sept. 1. King County officials say the road work requires a 24/7 closure in the area near Fern Cove around 11611 Cedarhurst Road.

On that same day, Vashon Highway will be closed from Quartermaster Drive to Dugway Road as crews apply anti-skid material to the road surface. The portion of road was included on a 2015 list compiled by the county that targeted two dozen areas that would benefit from the treatment.

Roughly half of the 23 identified locations have had the treatment completed. Work is underway this month in numerous other areas of the county.

The locations the county chose were determined by the frequency of accidents that involved vehicles leaving the roadway. According to an April 2015 Beachcomber article, the Vashon Highway location recorded a total of 19 accidents between 2005 and 2014, 15 of which involved vehicles going off of the road.

The process involves placing a thin layer of specially engineered, high-friction aggregates on the road surface to improve pavement friction and increase skid resistance. It is used most frequently on curves.

“It (high-friction surface treatment) helps drivers stay on the road in places where speed and heavy braking has otherwise worn the surface down,” Jeff Switzer, spokesman for the county’s Department of Transportation, said at the time.

The treatment should not pose a problem for cyclists or motorcycles. Switzer said it improves the riding surface and traction for them as well, and it has been used to treat miles of bike lanes across the country.

The work is being paid for by a federal grant.