Scene & Heard: Mercado, Mukai light up life over the weekend

The dual events filled the island with music, art and food.

Comunidad’s fifth annual Mercado and Mukai Farm & Garden’s Japan Festival filled the island with music, art and food last Saturday, Sept. 9.

At the Latino Market, young people made candles, beaded jewelry and pillows, and managed their own storefronts. They learn how to use business and payment apps such as “Square,” and the practical challenges of running a small business. Pillows displayed scenes including “Los Viejitos” from Michoacán, Mexico, and other stories, while young people proudly displayed lovingly hand-crafted candles, beaded jewelry and more.

At Mukai Farm & Garden, local artist Leah Mann led dances including “Tanko Bushi,” the coal miners’ dance. Bon Odori dance, she explained, is a way of honoring the spirit of one’s ancestors. That style of dance is typically performed during the summer festival Obon.