Tuberculosis case identified in Auburn High School community

The district will contact people who were potentially exposed.

An Auburn High School community member was recently diagnosed with active tuberculosis, according to Public Health Seattle & King County.

Public Health officials are working with Auburn High School and the district to determine the extent of possible exposure to tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease spread through the air, however, it is much harder to spread than the cold or flu, according to Public Health.

As a result of the positive case, Public Health said that 108 people in the Auburn High School community be evaluated for tuberculosis. The Auburn School District will contact those 108 people individually about getting evaluated.

If you are not contacted you are not considered to have been exposed to tuberculosis and no action is required, according to Public Health. Last year there were 104 cases of tuberculosis in King County.

For more information about tuberculosis and the positive case at Auburn High School, visit the Public Health website.