VHS basketball players meet with 95-year-old alum

The Vashon High School boys’ basketball team took a trip to Vashon Community Care last week and walked down Memory Lane with a resident while they were there. They met with Paul Schwartz, who played basketball when he was a student at VHS and has a photo of the 1939 team on his wall at the center.

Verna Everitt, who is the executive director of the Vashon Community Care Foundation, arranged for the team’s meeting with Schwartz, who is part of Everitt’s Vashon Trailblazer campaign, which recognizes people who helped form the island as we know it today.

Head coach Andy Sears said Everitt reached out to him to visit after the VCC auction, when he bid on and won an enlarged copy of Schwartz’s photo. The visit took place last Tuesday afternoon, and Schwartz, 95, talked about every one of his teammates in the picture and told stories from back in his basketball days, including when his team won the small school state championship.

Sears said it was a special visit for him and for the members of his team — and one that will be repeated.

Personally, I think we need to do a better job of reaching out to our seniors,” he said. “We will do a better job. We will make it a big part of our season next year for sure.”