5 day extended forecast for King County

Thursday, Jan. 13, day

Cloudy, high 54°, chance of rain 5 percent

Thursday, Jan. 13, night

Partly cloudy, low 41°, chance of rain 11 percent

Friday, Jan. 14, day

Mostly cloudy, high 51°, chance of rain 8 percent

Friday, Jan. 14, night

Partly cloudy, low 38°, chance of rain 10 percent

Saturday, Jan. 15, day

Mostly cloudy, high 48°, chance of rain 8 percent

Saturday, Jan. 15, night

Cloudy, low 39°, chance of rain 13 percent

Sunday, Jan. 16, day

Cloudy, high 47°, chance of rain 16 percent

Sunday, Jan. 16, night

Cloudy, low 40°, chance of rain 8 percent

Monday, Jan. 17, day

Cloudy, 50° high , chance of rain 40 percent

Monday, Jan. 17, night.

Overcast, low 45° chance of rain 50 percent

Tuesday, Jan. 18, day

Cloudy, high 50°, chance of rain 53 percent.

Tuesday, Jan. 18, night

Overcast, low 45°, chance of rain 24 percent

Source: weather.com

Photo courtesy of Abbie Crane, who writes that on Jan. 12, 2022, "I walked on the East Lake Sammamish Trail at about 4:30 p.m. The combination of a colorful, beautiful sunset and a bank of fog on the lake made these pictures very special. Mt. Rainier made an appearance."