Janice L. McCormick

Janice L. McCormick died Sunday, Oct. 26, 2003, at her home. She was 67 years old.She was born Feb. 23, 1936, to Fred and Dorothy… Continue reading

  • Oct 26, 2003

Warren M. Fordyce

Warren M. Fordyce, Sr. of Prosser, Wash. died Sunday, Oct. 26, 2003, at Prosser Memorial Hospital. He was 82 years old.Mr. Fordyce was born Jan.… Continue reading

  • Oct 26, 2003

George Rice

George W. Rice died Thursday, October 23, in his home. He was 85.Rice was born in Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 14, 1918. After graduating from the… Continue reading

  • Oct 23, 2003

Sandra Herring

Sandra Herring, formerly of Vashon Island, died Oct. 20, 2003, at her home in Spanaway. She was 59 years old.She was born May 11, 1944,… Continue reading

  • Oct 20, 2003

Shauna Amber Jones

Shauna Amber Jones died Oct. 20, 2003, on Vashon Island. She was 17 years old.She was born Dec. 10, 1985, in Santa Barbara, Calif.There was… Continue reading

  • Oct 20, 2003

Elwood “Ed” Birdsall

Elwood “Ed” Birdsall passed away Oct. 12, 2003, at Evergreen Hospice in Kirkland with his wife and daughter by his side. He was 69 years… Continue reading

  • Oct 12, 2003

Steve Ruble

Steve Ruble died Oct. 10, 2003, in Reno, Nev., from diabetes. He was 42 years old.Mr. Ruble was born in Albuquerque, N.M. on Jan. 20,… Continue reading

  • Oct 10, 2003

Perry N. Christiansen

Perry N. Christiansen of Vashon Island, died Sept. 27, 2003, surrounded by his family. He was 80 years old.Born Feb. 7, 1923, to Perry Christiansen… Continue reading

  • Sep 27, 2003

Kwong Ngai Ma

Kwong Ngai Ma died Sept. 25, 2003.Mr. Ma was born Aug. 24, 1951, in China to parents Ying Man Ma and Wai Sem Wong.He and… Continue reading

  • Sep 25, 2003

Gladys Lane

Gladys M. Lane died Sept. 22, 2003, of natural causes on Vashon Island. She was 101 years old.Mrs. Lane was born near New Haven, Conn.,… Continue reading

  • Sep 22, 2003

Roberta Lee Bremer

Roberta Lee Bremer, formerly of Vashon Island, died on Sept. 20, 2003. She was 41 years old.As a young girl Roberta moved to Seattle and… Continue reading

  • Sep 20, 2003

Joyce Corry Smith

Joyce Corry Smith, 71Joyce Corry Smith died Sept. 9, 2002, on Vashon Island in her sleep. She was 71 years old.Mrs. Smith was born June… Continue reading

  • Sep 9, 2003

Gregory Todd Collins

Gregory Todd Collins, 39Gregg Todd Collins died Sept. 7, 2003, shortly after finishing a 20-mile run in Seattle. He was 39 years old.Mr. Collins was… Continue reading

  • Sep 7, 2003

Mary M. Middling

Mary M. Middling died Aug. 16, 2003, in Phoenix, Ariz. She was 92 years old.She was a resident of Tacoma most of her life and… Continue reading

  • Aug 16, 2003

Dorothy “Dot” Proffitt

Dorothy ‘Dot’ Rolando Therkelsen Bacon Proffitt died July 28, 2003, at her home on Vashon Island. She was 82 years old.Mrs. Proffitt was born on… Continue reading

  • Jul 28, 2003

Betty Jo McEntire

Betty Jo McEntire, beloved wife, mother and grandmother, died peacefully in Edmonds, Wash., on July 23, 2003, with her family at her side. She was… Continue reading

  • Jul 23, 2003

Janet A. Mann

Janet A. Mann died in her sleep at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Monica and Douglas Pellegrini, on July 21, 2003, after a… Continue reading

  • Jul 21, 2003

Mary Louise Cox Ackerman

Mary Louise Cox Ackerman died July 19, 2003, at her long time residence of Horizon House in Seattle. She was 89 years old.Mrs. Ackerman was… Continue reading

  • Jul 19, 2003

Chester “John” Peck

Chester John Peck died July 13, 2003, on Vashon Island. He was 83 years old.He was born Sept. 13, 1919, in Yakima, Wash., to Roscoe… Continue reading

  • Jul 13, 2003

Robert Sestrap

Robert Sestrap, a farmer, inventor, and islander, died July 12, 2003, in Seattle, Wash. He was 83 years old.Mr. Sestrap was born to Mart and… Continue reading

  • Jul 12, 2003