Affordable housing: Community-based solution is possible

With respect, a few quick clarifications in response to Gordon Quinlan’s letter (“New development will provide decent, peaceful housing,” Aug. 1).

Vashon-Maury Islands have the opportunity for a community-based solution. We should not expect the government or nonprofits to do the caretaking that is our responsibility.

Vashon Community Care, Granny’s Attic and Vashon Center for the Arts are prime examples of what can be done.

The successes Vashon HouseHold has enjoyed may largely have been due to involvement of the owners in work fare and that the homes or apartments are individual living units clustered in a communal fashion.

If people want to create affordable housing on their property, tell our county council representative Joe McDermott (206-477-1049). Ask him to sponsor a limited trial zoning code change.

— W M Luke Lukoskie