Bad experience with Neighborcare Health

Dear Editor:

I say that Neighborcare Health needs to be fired. In fact, this health care facility on Vashon needs to be thrown off the island. I think that my recent experience with their utter lack of health care is a cautionary tale in this age of the coronavirus.

I recently called the clinic to obtain a doctor’s appointment. I was beginning to experience the painful rash symptoms of Shingles. When caught early, this very painful condition can be limited in the length of time it will last. I told this to the staff person who answered my telephone call, and I told her I had just had back surgery in the previous week. I also told the staff person that I had experienced Shingles previously.

She told me no doctor was available to see me that day. She then told me no one would see me the next day either. She suggested she would try to find a physician to call in to the pharmacy the routine medication.

No medication was called in nor did I receive a return call. So, I am experiencing Shingles without treatment of any kind or medication. The clinic could not be bothered, so no doctor visit and no medication. It did not matter that I had just gone through back surgery, not at all.

I have heard horror stories now about a lack of treatment by this business/clinic. As far as I am concerned, as I sit here with a nasty painful untreated rash on my back, this group needs to be thrown off the island. Let’s get a responsive and responsible team over here to take care of our people, and let’s do it now.

— Lori K. Gustavson