Buttigieg believes in local communities

His plan to invest in resilience and preparedness for climate change is one reason for my support.

To the Editor:

I support Pete Buttigieg for president for many reasons, but high among those is his plan to invest in community resilience and preparedness — just one part of his overall climate plan.

On Vashon, we are vulnerable to several natural disasters: fires caused by hotter summers, flooding caused by sea-level rise, as well as earthquakes and landslides.

Pete Buttigieg believes local communities should take the lead in addressing the issues that affect them with funding supplied by the federal government.

According to the candidate’s website, specific elements of Buttigieg’s plan include:

• Establishing “next-generation Regional Resilience Hubs” to help communities asses and manage risk.

• Allocating $5 billion per year in grants to “support building resilient infrastructure.”

• Setting a “national climate risk reduction standard for federal investments.”

• Creating a “National Catastrophic Disaster Insurance program to provide stability” to communities hit by natural disasters caused by climate change as well as earthquakes.

• Prioritizing equitable disaster preparedness and relief so communities “get the resources they need to prepare for, recover from, and rebuild from disasters.”

The details of this plan and the rest of Pete Buttigieg’s policies are available at peteforamerica.com. If you have questions or would like to help with the campaign, please contact me at poetical@me.com.

— Chris Woods