COMMENTARY: Supporting families this holiday season

The John L. Scott Toy Drive ensures something special is under the tree for island families.

The Christmas season is upon us and once again I am reaching out to the community asking you to please join us in supporting the Toy Drive. This last year has brought about many improvements in our fight against the Virus. Although we are not yet able to put if fully behind us, we, as a community really rallied to provide protection for our neighbors as well as our own families.

Thanks to the support of our community in 2020, we were able to provide gift cards to 70 island families and helped provide the means to have something under the tree for 171 island kids. We will be contacting the families we have served in the past and reaching out to new families and individuals who are in need of support. Our distribution will take place early in December so that this year, Christmas can come for all.

There are many who have managed well during this time but there are also lots of unseen families who are struggling. We still need your help!

Although it is still not advisable for us to have volunteers ringing bells and collecting and distributing toys directly, we are able to make a huge difference. With your support, families who need assistance receive the means to provide their children with the joy of something special under the tree on Christmas morning.

Every dollar received stays on Vashon and serves Vashon families in need. One hundred percent of your donation is directly used to provide funds to Island families as all our helpers and organizers donate their time.

Your donations will make a difference. We are offering two ways to help this year.

You can mail a check, payable to VYFS, to John L Scott at P.O. Box 2009, Vashon, WA 98070, or donate via Venmo app to Heidi-Grimsley-1. Any questions you have may be directed to Heidi Grimsley at 206-660-6871 or

Please join our John L. Scott family in supporting the Toy Drive this year, as it has never been more important than now to provide a sense of stability, love and joy to our Island neighbors.

— Ken Zaglin is the principal broker at John L. Scott Vashon.