County talks comprehensive plan, climate change

When I read the headline “County talks comprehensive plan,” (July 11), I didn’t realize that the article would be all about bulkheads, setbacks and building codes. I thought that the article was going to be about how King County was taking bold, innovative steps to reduce and perhaps even reverse the levels of greenhouse gasses produced in our county.

I imagined a description of how engineers at the county had designed a system to capture the methane that’s currently vented to atmosphere from all of the old landfills throughout the county, including the one on Vashon. We all know that methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and also an energy source.

I sort of expected the article to talk about how our county was cutting back on the unnecessary mowing of the grass along highways. Or maybe how there were plans to reduce the number of large county vehicles and to replace them with smaller electric vehicles charged by new solar panels installed on county buildings. Or upcoming workshops on planting trees, which would offer county residents as many free trees as each of us can plant, with the goal of planting 10 million trees every year throughout the county.

I half expected to read about how our county was leading the state — no, the nation — in fighting climate change with decisive action, with innovative solutions to the problems of greenhouse gas emissions. That with the support of Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and other major powerhouses in our state, King County would be setting the bar in our uncompromising efforts to save our planet.

Instead, the article was about how to save our property. If we can save the planet, our property will be fine.

— Scott Durkee

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