Editorial: What binds us together

What are the elements that make us distinctive as a community?

What are the elements that make us distinctive as a community?

Is it the fact that we are among ourselves on an island that is roughly 36 square miles in size? Is it due to the fact that we can easily chat with our friends in the aisles of Thriftway? Perhaps it’s due to our shared commiseration with ferry transportation these days.

Here at The Beachcomber, we believe it has something to do with the people and organizations that make the island a special place to live. Just look around — would we be who we are without some of the following? More importantly, where would we be without these groups?

The guidance and direction from VashonBePrepared and the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have proven to be invaluable. It continues to be vital as we are reminded that COVID is not done with us yet.

The Vashon Care Network has continued to provide necessary supplies to islanders who require medical equipment through their “care closets,” and has supported efforts to ensure island seniors have access to Home Care Aides.

Voice of Vashon, Vashon Theatre and Vashon Center for the Arts have all continued to keep us all laughing, entertained and inspired throughout the last few years. This sort of cultural enlightenment has been more needed than ever during this time.

So, what truly does bind us together as the entity that is Vashon? We feel confident in saying that it is the organizations and the people that are behind the scenes that help make our island such a special place to live.