Get Your ‘No Vote’ in the mail

The school district and supporters are at it again.

The school district and supporters are at it again. They’ll have you think failing a levy will cripple the schools. I wish it would. School supporters have manipulated levy rules for decades, making levy failure almost impossible. I hope you can see the importance of getting your ‘No Vote’ in the mail.

What really makes me despise the School District and its supporters is the way they accelerate Vashon’s gentrification. The super school does more damage to our way of life than the water taxi, art center and Beachcomber combined.

School supporters are often smug families that load the schools with excess numbers of children. They get tax credits for offspring, while homeowners get the bill. They’ll say they want tax dollars for schools more than anything else. It’s no wonder the rest of our public infrastructure is failing.

Families of such hubris are the primary reason I’ve been opposed to schools for the last forty years. For all the money spent on schools, look at how much trouble we’re in these days. The children may be well-schooled in Marxism, but do they have any practical knowledge? How many know how to maintain paved roads?

— Jeff Schnelz