Hospital district needed on island

Please join me in voting “yes” for a hospital district.

After more than 20 years of providing health care to islanders, I see no path other than a hospital district to maintain a clinic that can provide these services to people who are privately insured, those on Medicare or Medicaid and those who can pay for their health care without insurance. We will have to work with our elected commissioners to oversee the creation, operation and management of a clinic responsive to Vashon’s specific needs and values. We are fortunate to have candidates with deep knowledge and experience in Vashon health care and business management.

The alternatives for many people will be traveling off-island for health care, which is a burden for any of us but particularly for those on Medicare. Indeed, one of the biggest challenges that I face as a practitioner are patients who are unable or reluctant to go off-island for services that they need but are not available on island.

Please join me in voting “yes” for a hospital district and working together to create sustainable healthcare on our island.

— Katie Konrad