Hospital districts established, supported by legislators

We need to act locally to improve our community, not the rest of the State.

Mr. Carlson says in his letter to the editor (“Hospital District Requires Fixes,” Oct. 17) that he will “commit to working with our legislative representatives to authorize the creation of public health districts in communities across the state of Washington.”Thanks, Dan, but that authority has been on the books since 1945. The authority for the Ph.D. proposal, RCW 70.44 states that the term “Public Hospital District” means a “public health care service district” (RCW 70.44.007).

We need to act locally, to exercise the power that has already been given to us and to improve our community, not the rest of the State. That is why every one of our local representatives has already endorsed the movement to form a Ph.D. for Vashon and Maury Islands. This includes Eileen Cody, who serves as the chair of the House’s health care and wellness committee. You will recall her statement on this subject: “Existing and appropriate legislation provides a solution for the creation of the precise district being sought — a process that over 60 other communities across the state have used (“Hospital district is correct tool to fix problems,” Sept. 25). That statement was made in this paper in direct response to the editorial your spouse wrote, also suggesting a new and unnecessary legislative fix.

This work has been done. The framework is waiting for us to fill in with the plan that fits our particular needs. We need to fix our own community, not propose to retool a system for the rest of the state. We would love to have your help. Thank you for your interest and input.

— John F. Jenkel