Let’s not take more than we need during pandemic

Seeing empty shelves of items currently being sold out (toilet paper, for one) in this time of threats of sickness and death, I want to say — though most people likely realize this themselves — when we take two of what we would normally take only one, that leaves half the island without.

Our stores make many considerations to serve the customer. They can help us all by limiting these items that people tend to hoard out of fear so that more can be served. This would help us all remember that sharing with others in times of trouble is what will actually reassure us that we will all be OK.

Most of us know people with deep faith or at least have read about them (hello, Andrew, Sue, Kathy, Mike, Dr. L.Brienen and Nicole). They inspire us to realize deep within that, even in death, we will all be OK.

So if you are taking the last of some item and see someone behind you come along and find the empty shelf, open up your package and share some with your neighbor.

— Jo Ann Herbert