LETTER: Vote for Jan Milligan, raise the standard for commissioners

Jan Milligan has the integrity, the appropriate experience, is a community leader and is the right choice for fire commissioner for the next six years.

No community should ever be faced with the decision to either pay greatly increased taxes immediately or face diminished services that protect or even save its citizens’ lives and property.

It was either a bad case of denial, not understanding the full ramifications of a balance sheet or the lack of leadership in our existing board that is the explanation for the financial crisis we have today with our fire department. What appears that has been missing and is urgently needed are commissioners who not only understand balance sheets, but have the foresight to knowledgeably plan and recognize the need for a long-term strategic plan so we as taxpayers know how our tax dollars will be spent well into the future.

Furthermore, our fire commissioners must have an understanding of the comprehensive duties of a well-functioning and efficient board and its responsibility to keep us informed about problems before they become crises.

We now have an opportunity with Jan Milligan to raise the standard for fire commissioner. Her insight and knowledge of our fire district, her management skills and leadership have been proven time and again in our community. Electing Jan Milligan will be taking a much needed step toward ensuring that we will not be faced with such a distasteful and costly financial alternative again.

— Gary Sipple