Making the best out of circumstances

The faculty at Chautauqua have done a great job during these tumultuous days.

Dear Editor,

As the spouse of an educator at Chautauqua Elementary School, I have been a casual “eavesdropper” of online meetings conducted by Principal Rebecca Goertzel with various members of the Chautauqua staff during this time of COVID-19 crisis.

I am continually impressed by the online professionalism, depth of knowledge, candor and judgment even in the small snippets of meetings that I hear when passing my spouse’s ersatz workspace (our kitchen table). I would like to thank Ms. Goertzel — and the entire staff at Chautauqua — for doing a great job keeping kids, learning and the needs of Vashon families top of mind during these tumultuous days. The entire Vashon Island School District has been at the forefront of community outreach and, in my opinion, they exhibit all the best qualities that a school district should foster.

— Eric Bellscheidt