Numerous reasons to support Hennessey

I am proud to support Bob Hennessey in his bid for this election to the school board.

I am writing in support of Vashon Island School Board Candidate Bob Hennessey. I have been a resident of Vashon Island forthe past 20-plus years and watched and participated in many boards and island politics during my time here. Bob has served honorably, effectively and proactively throughout his tenure on the school board and has always acted in the best interest of our community. I am proud to support him in his bid for this election to the school board.

While on the school board, Bob helped lead and champion the building of our new high school campus, including campaigning for the badly-needed new athletic field and track.

Bob always is informed and listens to all members of the community when helping make informed decisions around our school district. While serving on the school board, Bob was instrumental in making sure current facilities were being maintained in a diligent manner to make sure we are getting the full life out of our campuses. Bob fought to eliminate classroom fees. Bob has always been a great steward of our tax dollars and strives to make sure they are spent wisely. Finally, Bob works well with board members to ensure the school board provides constructive oversight.

Please help me elect Bob Hennessey to our school board.

— Scott Rice