Thank you South End Community Club

Sale of the club’s property generated a substantial sum of money for the Fire Department.

Over the past 55 years, the South End Community Club (SECC) has provided valuable service to the community and the Fire District. The South End Community Clubhouse was built in order to support their mission—to include supporting emergency response services for the South end of the island.

In the mid-’60s, Fire Engine #3 was moved in and Tahlequah Station #3 established, enhancing response capabilities through the generosity of the SECC and the dedication of neighborhood volunteers.

In 2012 the SECC donated the Clubhouse to the Vashon Fire Department. There are no longer any active volunteers or a fire engine in Tahlequah, and very limited use of the building and ongoing expenses. In March 2019 the fire commissioners and administration decided selling the property was the most prudent course of action for the Fire Department and the island community.

The SECC property was sold this past week generating a substantial sum of money for the Fire Department.

The Vashon Fire Department commissioners and chiefs are grateful to the SECC for providing a home for Engine #3 and the volunteers for decades, their mission and their generosity of spirit in gifting the SECC property to the Fire Department in 2012.

In appreciation and by request of the SECC members, the funds received from the sale of the property will be dedicated to the purchase of new properties, a piece of equipment and/or the maintenance and repair of existing facilities.

Thank you SECC for your substantial contributions. The generosity and legacy of the club’s efforts will forever be appreciated.

With gratitude,

— Vashon Island Fire & Rescue Fire

  • Commissioners Candy McCullough,
  • Brigitte Schran-Brown,
  • Dave Hoffman,
  • Camille Staczek and
  • Andy Johnson