Truth, Honor, Dignity, Compassion, Courage, Love

Too few people are trying, for one reason or another, to understand what those six words mean.

One of the most interesting things about the six words in the title above is that not one of those words can be fully understood without also fully understanding the other five. I stress the word “fully.” I know this to be true not because I’ve mastered the art of exemplifying any of those attributes, but I did find it to be true in the process of trying. This is an important realization worth sharing. This realization might make the difference in whether or not humanity will survive its existential threats. Another thing I found, is that the more you tell the truth, the more truth you will eventually have to tell … not without some degree of dedication and earnestness of course. But it’s only the pursuit of truth that can replace the enormous body of lies, beliefs, and myths that keep us all so confused, irresponsible, and incompetent.

Haven’t you ever asked yourself, “With all the options available to me, what’s the best way for me to be a human being?” That doesn’t mean we should all be the same. We can’t be. But we do all have something unique and important to share that no one else can possibly contribute. We’re the only one who has the exact total experience and perception that no one else ever will have. We just have to be encouraged and allowed to find out what that is. We are living in an environment that is structured to do just the opposite. Why? I think it’s because too few people are trying, for one reason or another, to understand what those six words mean and why it’s important to know what they mean … If we hope to avoid the existential threats we face now … And I’m not talking about a virus or global warming.

— Mark A. Goldman