Water District 19 operators join union

Greetings. It is my pleasure to inform this community that the waterworks operators of Water District 19 have decided to exercise their right to join a union. We know of this community’s long tradition of supporting organized labor, and we appreciate your continued support.

We are proud to join IUOE local 302 and join along with the hundreds of active as well as retired union workers on Vashon that contribute so much to our community and that choose to engage in the union struggle for dignity, respect, security and self determination. These are the unions that represent hundreds of workers in our community, and we send friendly greetings and solidarity to our sisters and brothers who are represented here on Vashon. If there is anyone I missed I offer my apologies: VISD Teachers-VEA; VISD Paraeducators, support staff, classified, office staff-VESP; VISD custodial, groundskeepers, food service maintenance workers-SEIU 925; VCC healthcare workers-SEIU; Metro bus drivers-ATU 587; school bus drivers-Teamsters 763; Thriftway Workers-UFCW 21; Neighborcare healthcare workers-SEIU 1199; home health care workers-SEIU 775; ferry workers- IBU, MEBA and MMP; building trades workers-UBC, IBEW, UA; Vashon firefighters- IAFF 4189; library workers- AFSCME 1857; Post Office workers-APWU 28; King County Roads-Teamsters 117, IUOE 302 and Teamsters 174; King County Solid Waste workers- Teamsters 174

—Dominic Jovanovich,

Shop steward and certified water operator

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