Why I am not a candidate for president

I would never represent a people or a country that participates in the indiscriminate killing of foreign peoples or denying them the same rights and freedoms I believe all people deserve. I am for peace and human dignity.

As commander-in-chief, my interest would not be to maintain full spectrum dominance over any person or country. I am interested in world peace, and that’s what my administration would be working towards. To take an oath of office without understanding what it requires of me would disqualify me for the job.

I and every adviser, officer, soldier or person in my administration would understand the Constitution and be prepared to honor that oath. Our internal and external defense would be modern and sufficiently competent to preserve, protect and defend our rights and freedoms against any enemy foreign or domestic. My administration would not propagate lies or commit acts disrespecting any citizen’s sovereignty. Every citizen would be treated with proper respect and dignity and no citizen would be above the law no matter their wealth or other status.

I am not a member of any political party. My time would not be spent on raising money for my reelection. I would not support any industry or company to curry political favors. I support the basic principles itemized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I would work to end the Federal Reserve system, for, in my understanding, its design and administration are patently unethical and unconstitutional. I would work to end private prisons. I believe government should foster a universal health care system that promotes the wellness and happiness of the whole person. We humans are not just observers of nature, but as much an integral part of nature as any other living thing. You are inseparable and interdependent with everything. Love yourself.

— Mark A. Goldman