Scene & Heard: Islander swims from Tahlequah dock to north end dock

Joe Yarkin completed a “dock to dock” swim on Friday, July 1 – his longest swim yet.

On Friday, July 1, islander Joe Yarkin completed a “dock to dock” swim, beginning at the south end Tahlequah dock and finishing at the north end ferry dock.

Yarkin began his swim at 6:02 a.m. and was accompanied by his wife and two daughters, who followed on a paddle board and rowboat in shifts.

The swim took seven hours and 56 minutes, in total, and was 14.5 miles in length.

“It was my longest swim and I was very hungry at the end, where my support crew had a giant sandwich and a bowl of strawberries waiting,” Yarkin told The Beachcomber in an email.

Yarkin added that he used to enjoy the run called “dock to dock,” which inspired him to try it with his new hobby of open water swimming.