Leslie Brown

Birder’s latest guide is a compendium of local avian life

Over the years, Vashon Island Audubon President Randy Smith has gotten phone calls from birders wondering how they could snag a copy of Ed Swan’s book, “The Birds of Vashon Island.” Printed in 2005, all 750 books sold quickly, and it was a rare day that a used copy appeared on a bookstore shelf.


Car-free commute shows society at its best

The other night, as I was sitting on the water taxi on my way home to Vashon, I struck up a conversation with a couple from Cambridge, England, who appeared to be headed to the island for a visit. As it turned out, they didn’t plan to set foot on Vashon. They were simply taking a sunset cruise on the water taxi. A ride on the King County-owned catamaran, they noted, was as lovely as a cruise on one of those big, tourist-filled commercial boats and a lot less expensive.


Mukai board member drops suit against islanders

A Texas lawyer who sued three Vashon women, saying he was defamed by their high-profile efforts to dislodge him from the board that owns the historic Mukai Farmhouse, has asked a judge to dismiss his lawsuit.


Shellfish troubles signify a changing ocean

Decades ago, some scientists believed the oceans could absorb much of the carbon dioxide the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy was spewing into the atmosphere. The oceans, early studies suggested, would serve as a so-called carbon sink, drinking up that carbon and storing it for perpetuity.

A Vashon Scout regroups after supplies for his project vanish

When Will Macdonald goes before a Boy Scouts’ review panel and is asked to name the biggest challenge he faced in completing his Eagle Scout project, he has no doubt how he’ll answer. It’ll be the time the materials for his project disappeared.

Former refugee worker now heads DoVE

Elizabeth Archambault has traveled the world trying to protect women and girls from violence.

Schools foundation launches campaign, hopes to raise $500,000 for district

The Vashon Schools Foundation is gearing up for its third year of fundraising, once again hoping to raise $500,000 for the 1,500-student school district.

Park district establishes citizens’ committee to review fields project

The Vashon Park Dis-trict’s new general manager, in what she called an effort to rebuild the agency’s credibility, has empaneled a citizens’ committee to oversee construction of the fields project north of town.

Impact from arsenic-laced plume not as extensive, state says

Far fewer homes on Vashon and Maury island will be eligible for a publicly funded yard cleanup program after a new state analysis indicated arsenic contamination in the region is not nearly as extensive as officials originally believed.

Vashon nursery loses trees, shrubs in a huge heist

A customer last Friday afternoon told Kathy Wheaton, owner of Kathy’s Corner, that he was interested in one of several Japanese maples she had for sale. When he came back Saturday morning and found that the one he’d had his eye on was gone, he asked her why she had sold it.

After 31 years, owners of Fair Isle Animal Clinic sell to a colleague

Don Wolczko’s early days at Fair Isle Animal Clinic were trying ones.

Real estate analysis suggests park district rentals are under-occupied

The Vashon Park District’s historic Belle Baldwin House at Fern Cove was occupied only 35 percent of the time in 2012, according to an analysis undertaken by a real estate agent.

Fuller Store nominated for historic designation

The Fuller Store, the oldest commercial building on Vashon, could become the island’s 16th landmarked structure should the King County Landmarks Commission approve the nomination at its March 26 meeting.

Scallop farming firm buys the Rhododendron

The Rhododendron, a 65-year-old ferry that was retired from the state fleet last year, has found a new home.

Man arrested for meth possession on Gorsuch Road

A 51-year-old man was arrested on the 9500 block of S.W. Gorsuch Road late Sunday afternoon for possession of methamphetamine and other alleged violations, King County sheriff's deputies report.

VYFS seeks to break world record with kayak fundraiser

Vashon Youth & Family Services hopes to draw 2,500 kayaks and canoes into Quartermaster Harbor this September for a record-breaking raft-up event, a gathering that will highlight the way communities can be stronger when they pull together, organizers say.

State agency plans to fix ferries’ slight list

Washington State Ferries plans to fix the slight list that has plagued the Chetzemoka and the other two ferries in the new Kwa-di Tabil class.

VIGA board hires new farmers market manager

Johanna Guevin, a Georgia native who recently moved to the area from Sitka, Alaska, has been named the new manager for Vashon’s thriving weekly farmers market.

New Jersey-based fisheries company buys the Rhody

The Rhododendron, a 65-year-old ferry that was retired from the state fleet last year, has found a new home.

When body washed ashore, a woman came back home, daughter says

Margaret Paterson, a Tacoma middle school math teacher, knows that it was tides and currents that carried her mother’s body to an empty stretch of beach on Vashon’s west side.