Leslie Brown

Activity at house near airport has long vexed neighbors

Neighbors have complained for years about the grey-blue house on 109th Avenue S.W., a modest split-level on 12 acres of marshy land abutting the eastern edge of the Vashon Airport.

Seattle fundraiser selected to helm Vashon agency

Kathleen Barry Johnson, a fundraising professional and former criminal defense attorney, will become the new head of Vashon Youth & Family Services, a $1.5 million agency that provides a wide range of social services on the Island.

Park district faces a deficit; could shut its doors for four months

Vashon Island Fire & Rescue will see slightly less tax revenue next year but will still meet its operational needs and complete some needed projects, while pushing less important budget items into 2014.

Fundraiser under way for ski school program

A Vashon family concerned about the lack of scholarship funds for low-income kids who want to participate in Vashon’s ski school program is making wreaths and holding a raffle in an effort to raise the needed money.

Mormon church gets green light to develop south-end camp

Vashon’s Mormon church has received preliminary approval from King County to move forward with its plans to develop a teen girls camp at its 100-acre property on the southern tip of the Island.

Authorities continue to investigate Island woman’s death

The King County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the death of India Castle, whose body was found in a shallow pond behind a home near the Vashon Airport two weeks ago.

Island board to appeal judge’s decision in Mukai farmhouse case

A group of Islanders challenging the leadership of Island Landmarks, owners of the famed Mukai farmhouse, has decided to appeal a recent decision by a King County Superior Court judge.

Vivi Tan Oga

Taking art to the other side of the world — story and slideshow

SULAWESI, INDONESIA — A fingernail of a moon hung in the sky as a small group of Americans and Indonesians gathered in the village to join hands and dance on a dusty road that dead-ended at the sea.

Vivi Tan Oga

County suspends effort to declare Center a historic district

The Islander who nominated Center as a historic district withdrew his request after King County officials told him the code the county uses to establish historic properties is apparently flawed and needs to be amended.

School district, park district discuss fields and gym use

After months of tension over the state of Vashon’s public fields and gyms, officials from the park district and school district came together Monday night, resolved a few of their differences and pledged to meet soon to continue the discussion.

Pool brings in more revenue after a strong summer season

The Vashon Park District’s pool fared better than expected this season, operating at a $46,464 deficit rather than the $49,245 deficit forecast in the park district’s 2012 spending plan.

County begins fining property owners in effort to clean up failing septic systems

King County has sent letters to seven property owners on Vashon informing them that they’re now accruing $25-a-day fines — civil penalties for their alleged failure to respond to the county’s order to have their septic systems inspected or repaired.

Dismay mounts over the state of Vashon’s fields

The rains have barely begun, but Vashon’s busiest athletic field is already pockmarked by large brown patches, worn areas that will turn into mud holes as the play continues and the rain intensifies this fall.

Paul Colwell will play a Gibson mandolin his father sent to him in 1961 at Sunday’s FamJam

Strumming for peace: Paul Colwell’s remarkable life

When Paul Colwell takes to the stage at a special performance Sunday, he’ll play a mandolin his father sent to him in 1961, when he and his brothers were traveling through the Congo, singing songs of peace and reconciliation.

Paul Colwell will play a Gibson mandolin his father sent to him in 1961 at Sunday’s FamJam

Near-miss at busy ferry dock raises concerns

Islanders witnessed an accident at the north-end ferry dock last week that caused at least one of them to raise the alarm about pedestrian safety at the busy intersection.

Jim Stewart picks grapes at his farm overlooking Quartermaster Harbor.

An ample harvest buoys wine makers

The sun was low in the sky, casting a golden hue over rows of tangled grapevines as Ron Irvine and Jim Stewart methodically plucked this year’s abundant crop from the twisted stocks. Two more men — Joe Curiel and Tony Raugust — suddenly showed up, carrying buckets and smiling.

Jim Stewart picks grapes at his farm overlooking Quartermaster Harbor.

Construction manager voices concern over VHS project’s contingency budget

The Vashon Island School District’s construction manager told the school board Thursday night that he’s worried about the size of the contingency budget for the Vashon High School building project.

Joe Henke

County takes first steps to join two popular parks on Maury Island

King County officials hope to purchase 20 acres adjacent to the Maury Island Marine Park, their first step in an effort to create a forested, upland corridor linking the waterfront park to the county’s new holdings at the former Glacier site.

Joe Henke
John Zinza

State removes arsenic-laced soil from Dockton Park

State officials expect to complete a cleanup project at Dockton Park this week, where they’re removing thousands of cubic yards of contaminated soil from an area next to the popular playground.

John Zinza
Palmerston Burk was a freshman at Vashon High School.

Islanders grapple with tragic death of Vashon High School student

Last Wednesday night, Kathleen Gilligan and her 14-year-old son worked out together, then sat down and watched the presidential debate, discussing the performance of the two contenders afterward. Her son, a new member of Vashon High School’s debate team, was “engaged and thoughtful,” Gilligan recalled. “I thought, ‘Look at my kid and who he’s becoming.’ I was so impressed by his thoughtfulness.”

Palmerston Burk was a freshman at Vashon High School.