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State to audit Vashon Park District

The state auditor's office, prompted by press reports and citizens' complaints, will begin an audit of the Vashon Park District next week in an effort to get a handle on the state of its accounting system.

Park district seeks help as it faces future with fewer funds

The board governing the Vashon Park District plans to turn to the community for suggestions and support in figuring out how to address its ongoing financial difficulties, a budget picture that is likely to get bleaker in 2013.

Kathy and Shawn Hoffman at their new store.

IGA store now under local ownership

After 12 years of off-Island ownership, Vashon Market is again in local hands.

Kathy and Shawn Hoffman at their new store.

County Executive’s budget includes $20 car tab fee for unincorporated areas

King County Executive Dow Constantine has put forward a $684 million spending plan for the 2013 fiscal year, a budget that he says includes millions of dollars in efficiencies and cost reductions without sparing services.

Rick Wallace raises his hand to make a comment at the King County Landmarks Commission's hearing on Thursday.

Landmarks Commission postpones decision on Center nomination

A hearing to get Center declared a historic district drew a standing-room-only crowd of Islanders Thursday night, many of whom said they feared the designation could impede Vashon Allied Arts’ plans for a new performing arts center at the storied intersection.

Rick Wallace raises his hand to make a comment at the King County Landmarks Commission's hearing on Thursday.

A practice of borrowing money raises concerns

Both the King County treasurer and the banker who extends the Vashon Park District its line of credit have raised concerns about the small agency’s history of using bank loans to manage its cash flow.

County says Center should be declared historic

King County’s historic preservation office has recommended that the county’s Landmark Commission approve a request to designate Center as a historic district.

Vashon agencies awarded van after presenting a plan to work together

King County has awarded a surplus passenger van to five Vashon social service agencies, a gift, the agencies say, that will enable them to more fully accommodate the needs of their clients.

Park commissioner proposes streamlined agency

A Vashon Park District commissioner has put forward a proposal to address the agency’s ongoing financial problems by dramatically reducing the scope of its services.

Lotus checks out her cherry tomatoes

Ingenuity Tour showcases some of Vashon’s most resourceful residents

Lotus’s garden behind the modest home she shares with her partner Barb Smith has a wild, ramshackle feel.

Lotus checks out her cherry tomatoes

Budget troubles dog Vashon Park District

Vashon Park District’s five commissioners might lay off employees or close its popular Skate Park for the remainder of the year in order to shave $88,864 in projected overruns from its current operating budget.

Property valuations mean another decline in tax revenue on Vashon

The King County Assessor’s Office released its latest figures for the region’s combined property values, numbers that suggest the Vashon Park District will see another decline in revenue next year.

Dispute over Island Landmarks heads to court

A dispute over the leadership of Island Landmarks, a Vashon nonprofit that owns the historic Mukai Farmhouse, is slated to go to court next month, where both sides hope a King County Superior Court judge will make a swift decision in their favor.

Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell decided to get their farm certified because of their support of the organic movement.

Plum Forest Farm carries a new sign: certified organic

Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell’s small farm in Paradise Valley sports a new sign: A “USDA-certified organic” shingle now hangs at their produce stand, and the seal will soon be on many of their products.

Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell decided to get their farm certified because of their support of the organic movement.

Vashon’s housing market sees a slight uptick

A few months ago, when Chris Ballew and Kate Endle found the home of their dreams on the western edge of the Island, they had to do something relatively unheard of in this lingering recession: Act fast.

School board opts to retain green features at new high school

The Vashon Island School Board decided last week to continue with two energy-saving systems for the new high school building rather than axe them from plans to help address cost increases the project is facing.

Park district hopes to open fields this fall

With the soccer season under way, the Vashon Park District hopes to open its new fields north of town for light use later this fall.

Park district failed to get water permit for its fields project

The Vashon Park District failed to secure a permit from the state before drawing water from a well to irrigate its two new fields north of town.

Publicly supported solar effort gets OK from state

After a five-month delay imposed by state regulators, Vashon Solar LLC is once again ready to seek investors for a publicly supported solar array it hopes to install at The Harbor School.

County calls a halt to rumble strip project

King County officials have decided to end the controversial rumble strip project on Vashon, a move they made after hearing from residents and elected officials who represent the Island that even a modified program could impair cyclist safety.