Leslie Brown

As more use water taxi, some are left behind

Vashon’s water taxi continues to see an uptick in the number of passengers, resulting in more at-capacity sailings and presumably more riders left behind on the dock, according to the director of King County’s marine division.

School district officials hope to make summer school a reality

The Vashon School Board unanimously passed a $16.1 million spending plan at its meeting Thursday night with a verbal commitment to pursue a summer school in the upcoming fiscal year. No funds, however, were earmarked for the program.

Dead porpoise found at Sandy Shores

A freshly dead harbor porpoise in pristine condition was found on the beach at Sandy Shores last week. According to Ann Stateler, coordinator of the Vashon Hydrophone Project, such a sighting is rare in the Puget Sound region.

Thai restaurant poised to open soon

Three monks in saffron-colored robes chanted a blessing at the new Thai restaurant on Vashon last week while, in the kitchen, another drama quietly played out: The state health inspector was making a final walk-through, ensuring the small eatery was up to snuff.

New board seeks funds to repair Mukai farmhouse

A group of Islanders working to take over the nonprofit that owns the Mukai farmhouse has applied for a $10,000 grant to fix the home’s deteriorating roof.

Islander to head county’s Office of Public Defense

Islander Dave Chapman has been tapped to head King County's Office of Public Defense, an agency that provides legal services to those who can't afford it, according to news release issued Friday.

A handful of Islanders face fines for failed septic systems

Twenty-eight waterfront property owners — most of whom live in Seattle, Tacoma and California — are being fined $25 a day for failing to get their septic systems inspected or repaired after a five-year effort by King County officials to force them to do so.

Financial complexities slow Island solar projects

The Backbone Campaign and King County have reached a tentative agreement about the location of the county’s first community solar project, a crucial step in the complex process of erecting a large, investor-funded solar array.

Lou Engels selected as this year’s grand marshal

Lou Engels, a trumpet-playing, civic-minded Islander who has lived on Vashon 65 years, has been named the grand marshal for this year's Strawberry Festival.

Vashon beekeepers troubled by a rash of bee deaths this spring

Members of Vashon’s growing beekeeping community are expressing mounting concern over the state of their hives after a tough spring that saw the number of honeybees dwindle in several colonies and other hives die off completely.

A beloved teacher steps down after a rich career

As Carolyn Buehl began to pack up her classroom at Chautauqua Elementary School last week, organizing art supplies and wrapping delicate monkey masks to send home with students, she pulled out an old photo album. Inside the album was photo after photo of colorful student art, many of it held by grinning young artists.

Owner gears up for a major redevelopment of LS Cedar

Loren Sinner can locate that 1x4 tongue-and-groove a customer wants in a matter of minutes, but he might have to move stacks of wood to extract it from the piles of cedar in his small, bustling lumberyard.

Osprey nest in cell tower goes up in flames

An osprey nest perched on top of a 165-foot microwave tower burst into flames Tuesday night, creating an inferno that killed two chicks and completely destroyed the long-standing nest.

Open house at Mukai thwarted by cyclone fence

Around 100 people gathered to take a tour of the famed Mukai Farmhouse Monday night, only to be greeted by a hastily erected cyclone fence that barred them from entering the property.

County pushes final group of homeowners in marine recovery areas to repair failing septics

Around 30 waterfront homeowners could face fines of up to $25 a day if they don’t get their septic systems inspected by July 1, according to King County officials.

Recycling event brings in $4,900 for dental care for children

A recycling drive hosted by a small contingent of Islanders last week brought in nearly $5,000 to cover the costs of a dental van that provides oral health care to low-income children.

County raises questions about VAA’s proposed performance hall

The King County agency that issues building permits has raised several questions about the scale of Vashon Allied Arts’ proposed performing arts center, suggesting the building may be taller than code allows and the amount of parking VAA has proposed is inadequate.

New board takes over Mukai farmhouse

A new board of directors comprised entirely of Islanders has taken over the organization that owns the Mukai farmhouse and garden, considered one of the most historically significant Japanese-American properties in the country.

K2 Commons reborn as a nonprofit development

K2 Commons, a proposed development that would turn the former ski manufacturing plant into a center with a swimming pool, bowling alley, restaurant and hotel, is in the process of becoming a nonprofit helmed by a board of well-known Islanders.

Emergency drill shows a marine lifeline could be established for Vashon

Vashon’s emergency preparedness experts learned Wednesday what they weren’t sure of before: Should the ferry system go down in an earthquake, King County’s water taxi could be called into service, picking up critically injured people from key Island locations.