Paul Rowley

County to evaluate feasibility of island compost facility

Solid Waste Division officials requesting proposals for study to assess if Vashon could support one.

Island anaerobic digester unveiled

The process creates biogas, which can be treated and used to generate energy.

Tours at lighthouse depend on changes

After an accident inside the tower, safety improvements will be necessary before it can be reopened.

Grants support island health care

Members of Granny’s Attic awarded $120,000 to six island agencies in support of an array of needs.

Islanders to vote on park district levy increase

Ballots were mailed to households last weekend. The election deadline is April 23.

Legislature continues to grapple with ferry funding

“Not many folks understand what it means to be dependent on a transportation source like the ferries.”

Bike shop to open in new location

From a box truck in Burton to a brick and mortar store in town, Vashon Bikes has come a long way.

Burglaries result in arrest of four juveniles

One is suspected of committing several more burglaries in the days after February incident.

Vashon HouseHold provides update on new housing development

“Apodments” for senior veterans and the homeless would offset the island’s lack of affordable housing.

Islander proposes shellfish operation in Tramp Harbor

Some islanders are wary of potential problems.

Vashon’s renowned tamale chef to open restaurant in town

Patty’s Place will be a breakfast and lunch destination with a global menu of offerings.

Lack of funding spells trouble for county roads

“This problem puts people miles out of their way.”

Islanders invited to training, hunt for invasive crab

“The earlier you find an invasive species, the better chance you can get rid of it.”

Meeting about housing development next week

The project is intended to serve 40 people, including seniors and those who are homeless or disabled

Runaway dog taken back by adoption agency

Vashon Island Pet Protectors said Henry is “safe and receiving the specific care that he needs.”

Forum on pesticide alternatives Saturday

Speakers will discuss the harm posed by pesticides and the changing practices around their use.

Theatre mural draws criticism, defense

Some islanders have recently commented that the artwork may be promoting an offensive stereotype.

Island’s LGBTQ past is focus of story circle, upcoming exhibit

“We’re everywhere, we’re in every profession, and contribute to your island’s vibrant life.”

Funding limited plow response to island after storm

The county could only focus its efforts to keep some roads clear, leaving others buried.

Vashon Community Care receives high governmental rating

The nursing home’s rating has improved greatly since director Mike Schwartz took the job last summer.