Ezra Blake

He packed a lot of living into 32 years and will be fondly remembered by his family and many friends and acquaintances across the globe.

Please join us in the Celebration of Ezra Blake’s life March 18, 2023, 1:30 PM at The Seattle Yacht Club Fireside Lounge and Ward Room, located at 1807 East Hamlin St., Seattle, WA 98112. The family requests this be a festive occasion; festival attire is highly encouraged! There will be a Zoom session set up for those unable to attend. Please email Joshrandall.lighting@gmail.com for the link.

On December 2, 2022, Ezra ended his pain and longtime struggles with clinical depression and addiction. We, as his family, have chosen to be open and transparent about this part of Ezra’s story. The manner of one’s death does not define them and, although it is painful, we hope by encouraging open and honest conversations around the subject of suicide and the importance of mental health it may help to end the stigma around these issues and help save lives.

In keeping with his adventurous spirit, Ezra and his best buddy He-Kitty had lived the past year with supportive friends in Colombia in an effort to broaden his world, rediscover his zest for life and strengthen his sobriety. Ezra was working in logistics and as an administrative assistant for a Vashon company, Gannett Nets, which gave him the opportunity to live out his dream of working remotely while traveling the world. In a recent email, he wrote, “I had everything I thought I wanted there (at home), but I wasn’t happy. Here I have 3 suitcases and my cat, and I’ve never been happier or felt more free. I can move anywhere in the world as quickly as I can pack up my bags, and that’s a feeling unlike any I’ve ever had. I seem to make beautiful friends wherever I go and I have good loving support.”

Ezra grew up on Vashon Island and graduated from Vashon High School in 2008. In his youth he enjoyed roller blading, skateboarding, snowboarding and playing Lacrosse. At age 11 he began learning about building computers and built his own water-cooled computer from the frame up. Many of his summers were spent with family at “the ranch” in the mountains of Seeley Lake, Montana.

Always willing to push limits and “Do it for the Story,” Ezra lived a life filled with adrenalin-pounding escapades; bungee jumping, parasailing, parachuting out of perfectly good airplanes, jungle exploration, protesting for causes he believed in and world travel to name a few. His body was a beautiful canvas of tattoos skillfully created by his long- time close friend and tattoo artist Daniel S.

Ezra was a highly-observant, intuitive, smart, kind, funny, loving spirit. He cared deeply, loved deeply and hurt deeply. He was both resilient and strong as well as tender and vulnerable.

These traits and his life experiences made him a gifted and insightful writer who had a special talent for letting his voice be heard by engaging the reader with both humor and emotion.

He was active in recovery groups and helped many attain sobriety through fellowship, listening, as well as sharing his story, successes and setbacks. He was a loyal friend who valued cultivating the kind of relationships in which it was safe to have real conversations on a deep, thoughtful level, while adding enough wit and levity to keep conversations in balance. He was willing to address tough conversations with friends and family alike.

Ezra was as loyal an employee as he was a friend. Prior to his recent job, he was employed by Blue Water Yacht for 10 years. Owners Todd and Cheryl, became valued mentors and important members of his chosen family. Ezra was a multi passionate individual, a life-long learner and entrepreneur. Always eager to be innovative, when intrigued by a subject or the potential of an idea, he dove deep to learn as much as he could about the subject and then looked for ways to improve upon it. This led him to partner up with friends to start several businesses including RUZE Vape Juice, Durango Bass, Deadwood Trading Post and, most recently, to develop an eco-friendly, biodegradable netting alternative for wrapping Christmas trees.

Ezra had many hobbies from boating to DJ-ing; watch making to 3D printing. He loved electronic music, especially drum and bass and had speakers everywhere so he could truly feel the music.

Though his life was short, he packed a lot of living into 32 years and will be fondly remembered by his family and many friends and acquaintances across the globe.

To his brothers and sisters in recovery he wrote this “I wish one thing for you, and that is that you stay clean and die clean…. Love each other, heal together, listen to drum n’ bass even if you hate it.”

Ezra is survived by his parents Paul Blake and Sandy Blake, his brother Josh Randall and brother-in-law Jim Davidson as well as extended and chosen family members of which there are many. His beloved cat, He-Kitty, will continue their South American adventure with Ezra’s loving friend and our angel, Isa, who showed Ezra and our family such graceful, loving support.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to Vashon Youth and Family Services, Pioneer Human Services or the National 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.