Joanna Katherine Wiebe

72½ years of perfecting the art of loving made her a master, and she loved deeply and well.

“Pick your passion and go for it; trust that the Universe will support you, somehow.”

Joanna Katherine Wiebe was a LOVER. Decidedly nonsentimental, she practiced the Skills & Principles of Loving (J. Jud) by creating environments where people felt loved, armed, encouraged and nourished; free to individuate and express their own unique, creative, dynamic experiment of being alive. 72½ years of perfecting the art of loving made her a master, and she loved deeply and well.

Joanna “sought first the kingdom of God” in everything, uttering her own unique resounding ‘YES!!!’ to the beauty in everything. People, places and things blossomed under her care; a gentle uplifting spirit permeated her work. Significant revelations from sacred medicines in her 20s enhanced her vision of relationships everywhere and in all things. She synthesized reams of data and realms of experience into clear, concise pictures; each part bound to the whole in very specific ways.

At the age of six, she decided to follow Jesus, and at eight began a lifelong practice of journaling, so there’s a good record. She fell in love with the teaching to be “a sunbeam to shine for Him each day” glowing with optimistic goodwill, a vehicle of love and light buoyed by an “invisible means of support.” Curious, passionate and brilliant, she drank deep of the waters of life. Joanna embraced each opportunity with delight, enthusiastic abandon, and wholehearted engagement. She embodied various things: entrepreneur, force of nature, marathoner, artist, meditator, color expert, lover, patent holder, teacher, rule-breaker, author, autist, intellectual, world traveler, hippie, Christian, seeker, innovator, information architect, journalist, genius, painter, experience designer, and Earth Angel.

Many are celebrating her impact and grieving the loss of her physical presence in this world, including her husband Tim Baer, siblings Susan & James (Kathy), children William Smith (Dana Buhl), David Monterroso (Jennie McKibben), Zachary Baer, grandchildren Zola, Ella and Miles, and many friends, relatives, co-workers and lovers. She treasured and actively maintained her connections as a mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, student, mentor, mother and especially grandmother. She was predeceased by her parents Walter Wiebe, Katie Funk Wiebe and sister Christine Wiebe. These and Luis Alberto Monterroso and many others claimed her as their own.

Home was a van in Central America as well as SK, ON, KS, NY, CT, IL & WA, feeling that she had finally grown up when she settled on Vashon Island. Her life is a testament to the transformative and healing powers of a commitment to an intention to love. She was increasingly successful over the decades, and in the end, was satisfied, crossing over yet another boundary with graceful determination. After a brief and unexpected bout with cancer, she died peacefully in the home she created and enjoyed, supported by those she loved so well. In her honor, please give your time and talents to a need that stirs you up. ere will be a PARTY when conditions allow. Until then, learn more, share and connect on FB.