Lisa Ridgeway

She loved riding horses, reading, church, her friends, and most of all, her family.

Lisa Ann Ridgeway died on October 8, 2019, after a hard-fought battle with cancer. She loved riding horses, reading, church, her friends, and most of all, her family.

Lisa was born as Lisa Ann Mosher on September 11, 1953, at Parks Air Force Base in Pleasanton, California. She was the first child of Bayard “Mick” Mosher and Hazel Mosher. After the birth of younger sister Linda Mosher, the family moved around California before settling on Vashon Island, Washington, in 1962.

It was there that Lisa grew up with younger sisters Linda and Jill Mosher.

At a young age, it was clear that Lisa was bright. She loved to read, often returning home from the local library with a stack of books that tested her arm strength. She read voraciously and her thirst for knowledge was incessant. Lisa loved her island home as well; she liked to share fond memories of swimming in the Puget Sound, running through the woods with her sisters, and picking fresh island strawberries. Most of all, however, she loved horses. When the Mosher sisters obtained their first horse as a gift from a neighbor (to their parents’ chagrin), it was clear that a chord had been struck with Lisa.

Lisa’s young adult years saw her leave Vashon Island and rise up the corporate ladder at Nordstrom’s flagship downtown Seattle store. A chance meeting with Mark Ridgeway in a Seattle bar left him awestruck, and the two were eventually married in 1987. They had their first child, Joseph, in 1992 and their second child, Daniel, in 1993. Lisa’s love for her island home continued to burn fiercely, however, and successful lobbying of her husband resulted in the family constructing their current Maury Island home — complete with a horse pasture and barn — in 1995. Lisa commuted daily to her job at Milgard Manufacturing in Fife, where she again rose up the corporate ladder until she obtained the position of Manager of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. In the evenings, she worked to obtain her bachelor’s degree in business online for no reason other than her desire to be better. She retired in 2018.

Lisa is survived by her husband, Mark Ridgeway; her two sons, Joseph and Daniel Ridgeway; her mother, Hazel Nelson; and her two sisters, Linda Frederickson and Jill McGuirk. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2019, at 12:00 PM, at Bethel Church on Vashon Island, Washington. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a charitable donation to the American Brain Tumor Association.

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