COMMENTARY: Schools Foundation brings rich experiences to local students

To date, VSF has provided more than $2 million for vital programs.

In the coming months, The Vashon Schools Foundation (VSF) will launch an endowment campaign to provide long-term funding support for the Vashon Island School district, advancing its mission of ensuring that island families will receive exceptional education for all learners.

The upcoming campaign is a testament to the significant investments in island schools that the foundation has made possible over the years. To date, VSF has provided more than $2 million for vital programs supporting academics, the arts and sciences, socio-emotional health, and equity for the children and educators of the island’s school district since its inception in 2010.

In the 2022-2023 school year, VSF will in large part provide funding for several district-wide programs.

Resources for behavioral health assessments and services will be provided by Vashon Youth and Family Services. The Recess Project, in partnership with Vashon Wilderness Program, will provide an outdoor education opportunity for elementary school students.

Funding will be provided for social development programs such as Sisterhood and Journeymen Circles, Second Step, and Sources of Strength. The CES Spanish Intern Program will deliver a vital connection for Latinx families and a shared multi-cultural experience for all students.

Vashon Artists in Schools will also offer immersive learning, through experiencing the arts in partnership with Vashon Center for the Arts. Scientists in Schools programs, in partnership with Vashon Nature Center, will encourage students to think like scientists and use scientific methods to study island ecology.

Students from Vashon High School recently spent a day on the cruise ship Argosy, which circumnavigated the island as they studied marine environments, providing them hands-on experience in a real-world biology lab and introducing them to the possibility of careers in marine and environmental sciences.

Fostering these sorts of opportunities is just one of the ways the Vashon Schools Foundation hopes to make the biggest impact possible in the lives of the island’s students and families.

But support from the community is critical in order to fulfill that goal.

The Vashon Schools Foundation is funded by individuals, families, and businesses in our community. Please consider the Vashon Schools Foundation and partner organizations in your giving plans.

Mary Margaret Briggs is treasurer of the Vashon Schools Foundation. Visit