Poetry and art will see us through in 2022

Enjoy “A New Year’s Wish for 2022” by G.G. Kellner.

Editor’s note: Thank you to G.G. Kellner for her New Year’s-themed poetry, and Alice Burns for her stunning photography of sunrise over Vashon.

A New Year’s Wish for 2022

by G.G. Kellner

Author of Hope, A History of the Future

The crescent moon sat just above the horizon A golden cup, thin as my grandmother’s best china

Spill over I begged,

looking out through the window of time

The world needs your abundant blessings

in the year to come

Run over with kindness,

drip your golden honey light out on the least among us

Remember the poor, but remember the little creatures too,

the clam waiting patiently for you to pull the tide in over the wet sand,

the tiny single ladybug I found in my winter garden

––alone, the grebe with its slender neck floating on the night black waters

Ladle up all of us and hold us together,

long enough to forget our differences,

remember our shared humanity

Shine on our best ideas

Reflect our grandest hopes back to us,

Pour your bright light out

Onto a troubled world

As for me it is three a.m.

Dawn, hours away yet

I’d like to bring my pillow and nestle

in your perfect curve

Dream of peace and a green abundant future,

overdue justice,

Rest with you for a moment among the stars