Review The Female Vitality Blueprint by Alex Miller (2024 Update)

Experiencing trouble orgasming without external stimulation? Feeling pain or discomfort during sexual interactions? Very rarely are women successful in reaching completion vaginally. Worse of all, this issue is neither openly discussed nor comes with a solution. Fortunately, our editorial team crossed paths with a program designed to enhance different aspects of the vagina for healthy orgasms and peak sensitivity. Curious to see what we have in store? Here’s everything there is to know about The Female Vitality Blueprint.

What is The Female Vitality Blueprint?

Created by Alex Miller, The Female Vitality Blueprint is a program designed to eliminate the root cause for female orgasm dysfunction so that women can easily reach completion. When the listed techniques are executed as directed, the benefits could range from vaginal rejuvenation and an improved abdominal canister to revived libido and intensified orgasms. Additionally, women might experience reduced pain and vaginal dryness, all while enjoying sexual intercourse. Taking everything into account, let’s spend some time on the root cause under question.

How does The Female Vitality Blueprint work?

The Female Vitality Blueprint targets a condition called layer syndrome, i.e., the culprit for orgasm dysfunction. Layer syndrome [1] combines lower and upper cross syndromes. The former is a musculoskeletal imbalance that results in weak lower abdominals, gluteus maximum, psoas, and erector spinae muscles. In contrast, the latter causes tightened and weak deep flexors, traps, pectorals, and scapula.

For women, such an imbalance is predominant in the core area, which might give rise to unenjoyable and uncomfortable sexual interactions. Alex further breaks down layer syndrome into four different forms, all of which are reckoned to disappear when treated properly:

  • Primary anorgasmia: A condition where women never reached completion
  • Secondary anorgasmia: A condition where women have difficulty reaching completion
  • Situational anorgasmia: A condition where women can only orgasm during specific situations
  • General anorgasmia: The inability to achieve orgasm even when highly aroused or sexually stimulated

As someone who endured this condition, Alex turned to her personal journey, research, and nationwide tested practices to help women overcome this hurdle and improve their sexual and overall well-being. Now that we have foundational knowledge on The Female Vitality Blueprint, it’s time to examine its contents.

How has The Female Vitality Blueprint been structured?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is structured in such a way that women can finally familiarize themselves with some of the following topics:

  • How to do a proper kegel to strengthen a weak vaginal canal
  • How to safely strengthen and repair the core for increased sensation and healthy blood flow
  • How to safely perform the 3-step movement sequence to tighten and tone the vagina, reduce vaginal dryness, and increase sexual desire
  • What diastasis recti is and why it won’t simply heal back together
  • How doing a variation of one simple stretch every evening could heal shoulder pain, ensuring a beautiful posture
  • Why properly functioning vaginal muscles are fundamental for an orgasm

Each Female Vitality Blueprint purchase also includes five bonuses to help with the journey of vagina healing and overall health. These include:

Bonus #1. Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Handbook

Valued at $27, the first bonus is a handbook containing clearly written information on how to naturally heal Layer syndrome, improve vaginal sensitivity, execute the 3-step movement sequence to flatten the belly while correcting any diastasis recti, and improve blood flow. Women will also find a diastasis recti checklist to track their progress.

Bonus #2. Vaginal Rejuvenation Method

Valued at $17, the Vaginal Rejuvenation Method manifests as a 10-minute video containing the most popular vaginal toning exercises. These exercises are said to improve the overall appearance of the vagina, heal diastasis recti, and flatten the belly.

Bonus #3. How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm Handbook

Statistics show that 81.6% of women never experience vaginal orgasms or need external stimulation to orgasm, making this next bonus critical. Valued at $48, this handbook should be followed once women feel their muscles are strengthened and equipped. It focuses largely on how to contract and release toned muscles during penetration to experience high levels of sensation in the vaginal canal.

Bonus #4. Libido Hormone Enhancer

Valued at $37, The Libido Hormone Enhancer is essentially a breathing technique that potentially aids the stimulation of libido hormones in the body. It is a 5-minute guided breathing audio track that can be implemented any time, day or night.

Bonus #5. Emily Lark’s Back to Life – Three Stretch Pain Free Program

America’s leading back expert, Emily Lark, has also offered her 3-stretch pain-free program. Valued at $49, this program includes information on three at-home stretches intended to relieve lower back pain, sciatica, middle and upper back pain, and neck and shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Is the Female Vitality Blueprint time-consuming?

A. No, the Female Vitality Blueprint has been devised to support every type of lifestyle. In other words, even the busiest person should be able to find time in their schedule to follow through with the itinerary.

Q. What types of results can I expect through the Female Vitality Program?

A. By following the main program alone, women might notice or feel the following improvements:

  • The ability to feel aroused and breathe easier
  • Increased vaginal blood flow and better sleep
  • The disappearance of bladder leakage issues, chronic lower back and pelvic pains and bulging vaginal openings
  • Reduced vaginal dryness and tighten vaginal walls
  • Great posture, reduced anxiety, and feeling completely energized upon waking up
  • The ability to go on long walks without any sources of pain
  • Some weight loss results

Q. What age group does the Female Vitality Program target?

A. The Female Vitality Blueprint was designed with women over 30 years of age in mind. However, anyone can achieve results with this program. Truthfully, some of the best results are supposedly experienced by women over 60.

Alex Miller also ensured that the techniques include variations that can be modified and executed on a bed, in the bathroom, and at the desk. Special modifications have also been considered for flexible people and those with specific injuries.

Q. Will people out of shape see results with the Female Vitality Blueprint?

A. The Female Vitality Blueprint consists of very simple and easy moves and, so anyone, whether they are in good or bad shape, can participate and succeed. As mentioned earlier, the techniques can also be modified should women feel they are too difficult.

Q. Does the Female Vitality Blueprint help those who’ve had a C-Section?

A. Yes, the Female Vitality Blueprint would be an ideal candidate for those who’ve endured a c-section. C-sections warrant a lot of abdominal traumas, making the movements provided in this program a suitable approach to healing.

Q. Can people who have not gone through childbirth use the Female Vitality Blueprint?

A. Of course, the Female Vitality Blueprint was designed to help all women heal their bodies, regardless of the source of trauma. Childbirth is not the only way one can experience trauma leading to vaginal dysfunction, though it is the most common.

Anyone who experiences trouble orgasming or vaginal discomfort can follow the program and potentially see results.

Q. Is the Female Vitality Blueprint a safe service to subscribe to?

A. Yes, the official website to purchase the Female Vitality Blueprint is said to be safe as it uses the same encryption software as Amazon.

Q. Does the Female Vitality Blueprint have a guarantee?

A. A 60-day money-back guarantee has protected the Female Vitality Blueprint. If women are unhappy with the program, the customer service team must be contacted within the allocated timeframe to initiate the refund process. This can be achieved through email or by calling toll-free at:

  • support@femalevitalitydaily.com
  • 1-800-390-6035

Purchase the Female Vitality Blueprint

The Female Vitality Blueprint can be purchased for a very low one-time cost of $37.00. This includes the main blueprint and the abovementioned bonuses. How can one pass up on an opportunity like this, where healing is attained in the most inexpensive and surgery-free method!

Meet Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a fitness expert and women’s pelvic health specialist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her online programs have supposedly reached hundreds of thousands of women globally. For the past ten years, Alex has taught over 1 million students the steps to getting fit and maintaining wellness. She also founded Pelvic Floor Strong, an at-home comprehensive video system designed for women over 40 to strengthen the pelvic floor and core. She’s even been featured at some of the most elite fitness studios and several large social media channels.

Alex claims to have transformed her own life using the Female Vitality Blueprint. Her life’s mission is to positively impact and educate women, so here’s a glimpse into how this program helped her:

“I’ve personally stopped taking my anxiety medication […]. I’ve also dropped the ten pounds I put on over the past year because I didn’t have the motivation to step foot into the gym. I am eating healthier because I’m in a better mindset, and I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself again.”

Final Thoughts

The Female Vitality Blueprint aims to help women regain sensation below while increasing their libido. Normally, programs of this nature are designed to focus on one specific issue for one benefit. This, however, isn’t the case here. Our editorial team was fascinated by the approach taken by Alex to reach the aforesaid goal. It factors in posture, abdominal strength, vaginal, bladder, and mental health, and most importantly, taps into all aspects of sexual health, including orgasming.

Knowing that it all starts with a 3-step movement sequence to unleash an abundance of benefits shows how valuable this system could be. How could anyone neglect the different types of women (of practically most ages) that might find solace in this program? Ultimately, it is evident that Alex is truly in it to help and educate women! To get started with the Female Vitality Blueprint, click here! >>>


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