Extravaganza features funny Islanders

Steffon Moody, the host of the Island’s monthly comedy night, will host a multi-act comedy extravaganza at 8 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 2 at Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi.

Moody gave more than 20 on and off-Island performers only one directive — to “be funny in five minutes.” All comedic forms are on the table.

Moody says he hopes people will head over to the Bike after watching the vice-presidential debate scheduled for earlier that evening. “Continue the hilarity at the comedy extravaganza, and make Oct. 2 the funniest day of the year,” he said.

The evening is a fundraiser for Northwest Ferret Shelter.

“With the looming economic crisis, an impending election and global warming all barreling down on us, I thought it was high time to do something for the ferrets, by gum,” he said.

Performers will include David Godsey, Jeff Hoyt, Mik Kuhlman, Jordan Woollen, Arlette Moody, Esther Edelman, Troy Kindred, Macha Monkey, Steve Lipke, Andy Royer, Harris Levinson, Lama Tsepal, Kate Smith, Larry Christ, Claudia Gross-Shader, Katherine Daves, Darryl Caldwell, Jim Farrell, Per Lars Blomgren and Tim Heryford.

Tickets, which cost $5, can be bought in advance at the Bike or by calling 463-5959, or buy them at Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi.