First Friday Means More Art in Local Galleries

Exhibits at Vashon Center for the Arts and in town will open for June’s First Friday Gallery Cruise.

June’s First Friday Gallery Cruise is chock full of new shows, including big exhibits at Vashon Center for the Arts (see pages 1 and 10). But if you are out and about, also check out the exhibits below and also stop by local shops that are open for longer hours that evening. For now, The Beachcomber strongly encourages mask-wearing in all indoor locations to protect the unvaccinated and as a courtesy to those who are uncomfortable asking who is fully vaccinated and who is not.

Caffe Vino Olio has its first First Friday

The coffee, wine and bagel bistro next door to O Sole Mio Pizzeria will show an abstract rendition by local artist Richard Lipke called “A year in the studio.” It’s the first art show for the new proprietors of the establishment.

New faces shine in portraits at The Hardware Store

A new gallery show by locally revered oil painter Pam Ingalls will welcome Vashon’s newest arrivals.

“Facing Newcomers, Portraits of Vashon/Maury’s Newest Islanders” will have a low-key opening reception (no music or food) from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday, June 4, at The Hardware Store Restaurant Gallery.

“Indigo and Kenny” is included in Pam Ingall’s new show at The Hardware Store Gallery, which features oil portraits of people who have recently moved to Vashon (Pam Ingalls Artwork).

“Indigo and Kenny” is included in Pam Ingall’s new show at The Hardware Store Gallery, which features oil portraits of people who have recently moved to Vashon (Pam Ingalls Artwork).

“I’ve heard that it’s a little difficult to break into our sweet community,” said Ingalls. “Moving into a new community in the middle of a pandemic must make it almost impossible to connect with people. So I decided to paint portraits of islanders who’ve moved here in the past few years. I had no idea so many new people from all over the world have moved here. I loved painting them and hearing a little about their stories. I only wish I could have painted everyone who volunteered. I’m hoping people will recognize some of these portrait subjects around town, and welcome them. Or at least, we’ll all be reminded to step out of our regular friendships once in a while to include the newcomers. To me, our community is the very best part of living here. I hope these newcomers will come to notice that, too.”

The show runs through the end of June.

VALISE artists go ‘Unscripted’

In June, VALISE Gallery will present “Unscripted,” an exhibit of artists who have worked independently to fill the gallery with their latest wild creations, including rhinos, aliens, and something called a Kaaaat.

What’s that, you ask? It’s an animated-esque feline-ish sculpture, created by VALISE member Bill Jarcho. Over the past few years, Jarcho has been creating mostly abstract images. For this month’s show, he had a desire to pick up some clay and sculpt characters.

With a background in directing stop motional animation and designing and building characters for film, Jarcho was returning to his first love, creatively.

Also at VALISE this month is Corinne Lightweaver’s “Rhinos and Lavender,” a large acrylic painting inspired by her lifelong love for the Indian Rhinoceros.

Lightweaver volunteered at the Los Angeles Zoo in high school and developed a fascination and respect for the rhinos. Years later, at her first solo art exhibit, Lightweaver showed paintings of rhinos and the LA Zoo Curator of Mammals. Mike Dee spoke about these intelligent, sensitive endangered animals.

Lightweaver said she still aims, with her artwork, to serve as an ambassador to invite others to discover the beauty of wild animals.

Other artists in the show include Gregory Burnham; Dot Cherch; Jesse Johnson; Pascale Judet; Rachel Lordkenaga; Robert Passig; Jiji Saunders; Sharon Shaver; Hita von Mende; George Wright and Lenard Yen.

VALISE is open Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 5 pm. Distancing, limited capacity and masks are required. The show’s opening reception takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 4, with the exhibit continuing through June.