Glitterfox talks songwriting, superpowers, marriage and more

Glitterfox is presented by Debra Heesch at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 28, at Snapdragon Bakery Café.

Portland-based Glitterfox is bringing their queer rock anthems, tinged with soul-wrenching lyrics and out-of-body dance rhythms, to Vashon’s Snapdragon Café & Bakery on Thursday, March 28.

Band founders and married couple Andrea Walker (they/them) and Solange Ioga (they/them) sat down with The Beachcomber and Voice of Vashon to talk songwriting, touring, and what makes a band for the ages.

This is an excerpt from that interview.

Acoustic or electric?

Solange: Electric.

Andrea: Electric.

Desert island song?

Solange: Something by the band Aurora.

Andrea: Anything 80s or new wave.

House concert or big venue?

Solange: Both, for different reasons.

Andrea: Big venue.

Instrument of choice?

Solange: Piano.

Andrea: Electric Guitar.

Tour must-haves?

Solange: Baby wipes.

Andrea: Nutella.

Favorite venue?

Both: Crystal Ballroom, Portland.

Dream collaboration, dead or alive?

Solange: Tom Petty.

Andrea: Sharon Van Etten.

What’s the origin of Glitterfox?

Andrea: Solange and I met in Long Beach, California, in 2012. There was a party at my house and Solange was singing all night. I was just struck by how powerful and beautiful their voice was and I made it my mission to start a band with them. If Solange was singing the room would just absolutely just be awestruck. When I heard that voice, I had never heard anything like it in my entire life. So powerful and so confident, but also so sweet, too.

We started going to the same open mic and one night I asked, “Do you want to come over to my house and play some songs together? I think we should make a band.” Solange came over and that was almost 12 years ago.

How do you share the roles of Glitterfox, the band?

Andrea: I love writing and I’m always working on a song. Writing is definitely my passion. I will say Solange writes one song a year and it’s always a banger. We also really collaborate well together. I just trust Solange. A lot of times I’ll give them a song and they’ll improve the melodies and make them their own. There’s a lot of collab’ing with Eric and Blaine, our band mates.

Andrea: As the songwriter, sometimes you do have to trust your gut and your collaborators and offer space for them to be creative within the song as well. I think it’s a balance between those things.

Tell us about the recent release “Highway Forever.”

Andrea: Solange and I are married and we love being on the road. We lived in a van together for 2 years. I wrote “Highway Forever” about when you’re on this long drive and it’s late at night, raining and you’re just faded, but you have each other. You have this element of home in your togetherness. And then the relief of when you finally pull into a town after a long drive and that sense of arrival once you get to a place.

As a duo, you are described as a “queer neurodivergent, married couple making music.” Talk about the added value or benefit of those features of yourselves in making music and making a life together.

Solange: I’d say that my ADHD helps a lot in terms of diving into projects. It also makes things really hard with the adulting side of having a band. It can be really hard for us just to get the simplest tasks accomplished in a day. At the end of the day, we know this world is not set up for people like us.

Andrea: Growing up in the South when you’re queer and autistic, you mask to survive. We’re definitely pushing ourselves to our capacity and beyond on a daily basis. I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 41 and on the same day found out we were getting a record deal. I do think that my autism actually can also be a superpower. When I’m writing a song, my autism helps because I look at the song almost as a puzzle. My mind will literally try a thousand combinations until I feel like I found the absolute right one.

What can people expect from your Vashon performance?

We’re very spirited performers and when the four of us are playing music together, you can feel and see how much we love each other as people and as bandmates. So expect a lot of fun and a lot of energy. There’s a strong emotional current that runs through every single song that we write and perform. I hope that it touches people in the heart as well. Not only are you going to dance and move, but you’re also going to go away from it feeling something great.

Glitterfox is presented by Debra Heesch at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 28, at Snapdragon Bakery & Café. Tickets are $20 here. All ages are welcome. Hear the full interview here and find out more at