Letter: A Poem for Beachcomber readers

An islander’s original peom, “Requiem to Fall.”

Editor’s Note: This lovely poem was sent to The Beachcomber to be considered as a letter to the editor. We prefer to place it here, and encourage others to submit their short works as well for consideration on these pages.

Requiem to Fall

The bright Autumn light of yellow, gold and scarlet lies mouldering

Reduced to a soupy brown by wind and water and wheel

Reluctantly I rise, the sun still tucked in bed beneath a quilt of dark, damp velvet

My man still slumbers as I contemplate the day

It promises to be dry, an opportunity or onus to trod the earth o’er paths too familiar, yet foreign lacking leaves and light

The chill of air little warmed by the sun has settled like a clammy cloak

The sun rises yielding a sky of steely grey, a tepid invitation that must be answered

— Sarah Greene