Best Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplements for Diabetics

Sustained normal blood sugar levels are essential for good health.

People with diabetes who want to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels often take natural supplements. One of the big claims that certain diabetes supplements make is that they aid control blood sugar so that people with diabetes may lead an everyday life.

Using diabetes medications along with diabetic supplements can help you control high blood sugar. Natural components including Chromium, cinnamon licorice extract, cinnamon, and Berberine are often used in various supplements to manage blood sugar.

On the other hand, in the supplement industry, there are also frauds, including some claiming to treat diabetes and being supported by no scientific data.

Best Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplements

To assist you in managing blood sugar levels, below are spotlighted the top blood sugar support supplements:


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Glucofort claims to be a revolutionary supplement for supporting blood sugar levels. It promises to help maintain optimal glucose metabolism. A vital role in keeping sugar levels in check is played by glucose metabolism. Your body will be saturated with sugar after a meal. Without insulin, the body can’t regulate blood sugar. When the body can digest sugar properly, the blood sugar decreases. You may supposedly use Glucofort ingredients including guggul, Chromium, cinnamon bark extract, bitter melon, and licorice to maintain blood sugar levels healthy and glucose metabolism the same.


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It employs professionally proven components to assist with regular blood sugar and aid in glucose uptake control. Certain ingredients included in GlucoseMD are not often seen in other formulations, and one such ingredient is a cinnamon extract. Other ingredients include Gymnema, Chromium, and Berberine, which supposedly target various bodily processes, including metabolism, cardiovascular health, immunity, pancreatic cell function, and, of course, blood sugar.


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Gluconite promises to prevent sudden drops in blood sugar in the middle of the night. Unlike the other diabetic support supplements listed here, it does things differently. Gluconite has been formulated to be taken in the evening. To prepare, combine one Gluconite scoop in a glass of water with your favorite drink before going to bed. Gluconite helps you enter the REM state quickly due to its components. A good night’s sleep is necessary for normal pancreatic and hormonal function, but also general health. A lack of enough sleep impairs the body’s ability to combat diabetes. Gluconite promises to assist healthy metabolism and a good night’s sleep via its role as an all-around metabolism supplement. But it also helps with sleep.

Altaï Balance

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Altaï Balance has the most distinctive packaging of all the products listed here. And it is far less expensive than the rest of the options given. According to its makers, Balance is among the most popular diabetic supplements ever created, having assisted over 193,000 patients. Altaï aims to control blood sugar levels by helping the user lose weight. Losing weight seems to be among a unique approach to lower blood sugar levels. Insulin production in the body is reduced for overweight or suffering from obesity, causing their blood sugar levels to rise. These supplements, including Altai Balance, are intended to aid your body keep your blood sugar levels stable. This supplement further claims to function by utilizing the “pinch technique” for regulating blood sugar, developed by the United States Marines.

Sugar Balance

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Using natural chemicals and botanical extracts, this supplement promises to your type II diabetes. Sugar Balance also promises to treat type II diabetes totally, whereas other supplements just make unproven claims about maintaining healthy blood sugar. It is possible to cure diabetes. However, the evidence is limited. According to the manufacturer, people can rapidly and naturally correct excessive blood sugar by taking Sugar Balance. They believe mainstream media is blocking them from succeeding, and that’s why their supplement has not received as much attention as other products on this list. You can attack the unaddressed core cause of diabetes, they say,your doctor is unlikely to tell you about by taking Sugar Balance every day. Sugar Balance’s manufacturers are so confident in their product’s claims that they have boldly declared on their official website that there aren’t any pinprick as soon as a person starts taking Sugar Balance.

Blood Sugar Blaster

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This supplement is created in the U.S. in a facility GMP-certified and meets FDA regulations. Dr. Matt Carter, the doctor who made Blood Sugar Blaster, founded on his over 25 years of expertise, is the company’s head, Vitality Nutrition. Blood Sugar Blaster may help control diabetes for those with this disease. In addition to its vitamins, minerals, and herbs, the supplement also includes Chromium, vanadium, cinnamon bark powder, alpha-lipoic acid, and banaba leaf.


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DiabaCore promises to help fix diabetes by controlling excessive blood sugar. Dr. Thomas Sully, who was a consultant for major pharmaceutical companies, created this supplement. DiabaCore has developed its medical skills and knowledge to assist people with diabetes and other endocrine issues which have lost their capacity to control blood sugar and return to their natural endocrine function in only a few weeks. People with diabetes may enjoy considerable advantages by using one DiabaCore pill each day, says the DiabaCore official website. DiabaCore contains components including guggul, Gymnema Sylvestre, and banaba extract.


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The company Mellitox promises to assist the body’s ability to achieve optimal blood sugar. thetheMellitox is a natural supplement that claims to have rapidly decreased the blood sugar levels of someone female from the unsafe level of 498 to a safe level of 117 rapidly. While on the same supplement, the female subjects dropped 48 pounds. Recently, Mellitox has been marketed as a natural supplement for supporting blood sugar levels, help with weight reduction, and reverse diabetes. Using Mellitox every day, you have access to a safe and cheap morning health solution from Vietnam that is effective against diabetes. Herbal extracts have been shown to reduce high blood sugar levels; thus, the villagers in that Vietnamese village do not have diabetes. Mellitox delivers a daily blend of nutrients to the body.


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Scientifically intended to maintain blood sugar balances in the human body, this popular supplement called Ceracare has an antioxidant mix. It’s said to be a breakthrough formula capable of awakening the loop involved in regulating and mending blood sugar. Ceracare promises to help you harness your untapped health potential. To deal with inflammation in your body, use a Ceracare capsule daily. Ceracare advertises itself as offering several purported advantages to blood sugar regulation, including improving blood health, supporting vitality and wellness.

Zenith Labs BP Zone

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BP Zone claims to be a support supplement for high blood pressure. Zenith Labs makes it. Weighing the pros and cons, Zenith Labs appears to be a genuine business, not to mention it’s known they have a medical advisory board. Dr. Ryan Shelton provided blood pressure assistance in making this supplement. Many people with diabetes have hypertension. When you have high blood pressure, your cardiovascular health is negatively impacted, making it more challenging to get slimmer and maintain reasonable blood sugar control. BP Zone claims to supplement nitric oxide levels (NO) in the blood, which would aid in expanding blood vessels. iiThe formula contains arjuna and hawthorn extract, among other key ingredients.

Blood Sugar Premier by Zenith Labs

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Blood Sugar Premier was developed with the help of Dr. Ryan Shelton, who believes that employing natural ingredients like herbs might help maintain blood sugar levels. Blood Sugar Premier was designed on the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, claiming to assist with blood glucose levels within the normal range. In contrast to the other formulas on the list presented here, Blood Sugar Premier is touted as a means to promote healthy blood sugar levels rather than to decrease high blood sugar, treat type II diabetes, or assist you quit taking your diabetic prescription. Blood Sugar Premier incorporates ingredients including Berberine, piperine, and curcumin to do that.

GlucoShield Pro

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Gregory Johnson, a scientific researcher, invented GlucoShield Pro. Gregory took the formulas he was familiar with and added them to this one. In addition to incorporating Rhodiola Rosea, lemon balm, chamomile, skullcap, Bacopa monnieri, hawthorn, L-theanine, and valerian, he added peppermint, Ginkgo biloba, lemon balm, hops, passionflower, rosemary, and black cohosh. GlucoShield Pro’s manufacturer promised to price this supplement to break sales. The supplement, promoted to people with diabetes as support for blood sugar, sells for $69 a bottle.

Frontline Diabetes

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In addition to taking the proper medicines and supplements, adjusting your lifestyle behaviors is an essential aspect of managing diabetes. The product here promises to be a treatment rather than a supplement. It’s called Frontline Diabetes. People with diabetes may, according to the manufacturer, achieve control of their blood sugar and thus, manage diabetes, prevent neuropathy, and discontinue diabetes drugs if the methods by the book are being followed. This supplement promises to help deal with various valences of diabetes. People with diabetes who are interested in supporting blood sugar will find what they need in this formula by its numerous aspects.


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GlucoFlow is among this list’s latest supplements that support blood sugar levels. Endocrinologist Jonathan Garner developed the product GlucoFlow, which offers various natural substances to help manage blood sugar levels. It’s possible to help control blood sugar and keep the symptoms of diabetes in control by taking one capsule of GlucoFlow daily. However, Dr. Garner states that he has employed therapeutic quantities of very efficient substances, including those that aren’t often utilized in other supplements for diabetes. GlucoFlow’s distributor likewise promises to offer the product without generating a profit, only to assist people with diabetes keep their symptoms in control.


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The makers of Glucafix claim their formula will lower blood sugar, reducing their diabetic symptoms. While this supplement is marketed as an aid to help control blood sugar and lose weight, it is also said to function as a weight-loss helper. You can supposedly keep your body burning fat all day, every day, by using Glucafix. This formula utilizes nutrients that were developed to help some Japanese people achieve the ultimate fat-burning state. It can alter hormones in the body, meaning Glucafix might have maximum effectiveness. Although the producer claims to have employed established therapeutic quantities of all ingredients, GluaFix still offers minimal information on its content or doses upfront.


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Most supplements on this list claim to aid with blood sugar management. However, StrictionD promises to lower it. Additionally, it claims to reduce the levels of blood lipids, which is beneficial to your cholesterol. On top of that, it is said to lower blood sugar and enhance insulin responsiveness. These are the ingredients that the StrictureD supplement employs, along with Chromium, cinnamon extract, banaba leaf extract, and others. This supplement is made in the U.S. and comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days.

How Were the Supplements Ranked?

Every supplement claiming to help control blood sugar is expected to do so in many different ways. However, almost 95% of the products in this health category are ineffective. Research-backed components are concentrated in the finest supplements for managing blood sugar. While most supplements include amounts of ingredients that have not been established in studies, there still are some that may increase blood sugar or accentuate the symptoms of diabetes.

The editorial team behind this article utilized the following parameters to differentiate what’s best and what isn’t when it comes to sugar support:

Science Supported

These ingredients have been shown in scientific studies to keep blood sugar levels in control. Enrolling in this program and ingesting them each day helps boost blood sugar in many different ways. The essential goal here is to employ science-backed ingredients to formulate all the suggested solutions for supporting blood sugar.


Your supplements should have the correct ingredients but may have the incorrect dosages. Some manufacturers disguise weak doses by using customized labeling. For some, ingredients aren’t disclosed to customers until it’s too late. Here are selected supplements with higher amounts to maximize the dose, including doses found in research conducted in both clinical trials and scientific studies.


Since several supplements on the market lack ingredient or dose information upfront, it may be challenging to get an accurate picture of all available options. Typically, the higher dose supplements are forthright about their strength.

Typically, the higher dose supplements are forthright about their strength.

Backed by medical professionals

When you consume anything, you want to know medical professionals agree it is safe. Medical specialists created supplements for blood sugar support to maintain blood sugar levels at normal levels. Unfortunately, when you purchase any supplement that supports blood sugar levels, it was likely designed and authorized by medical experts. Unfortunately, when you buy any supplement that promotes blood sugar levels, it was likely designed and endorsed by medical experts. Pills for blood sugar support tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. This is a standard business practice in which companies are aware that clients compare costs of products to insulin costs with the medicine often used to treat diabetes. To profit from this, they intentionally price supplements over their actual costs. In this category, supplements cost between $50 and $70 for a 1-month supply.

Natural ingredients

Artificial chemicals, synthetic additives, or even dangerous poisons may be included in certain supplements. It is recommended to take minerals, supplements,herbs, and plant extracts since they are all-natural substances.

FDA laws prohibit supplements from making any claims about curing diabetes or lowering blood sugar. Although these supplements can only boost blood sugar, they cannot promise to provide further assistance. Some products promise to address diabetes in weeks without the addition of vitamin B12. Others have said they may reduce blood sugar levels and offer other valuable health advantages. Trustable websites disclose what such supplements can do for you, while less-reliable websites claim that they will get you rid of diabetes fast.


FDA- and GMP-certified facilities that should fulfill rigorous production standards to make the most excellent blood sugar aids are a must when considering a supplement for this problem. In determining the rankings here, the manufacturer’s reputation has been considered. Some supplements that offer support for blood sugar have been made in locations unknown and maybe in unlicensed facilities, whereas others are being produced in regulated facilities by skilled professionals.

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Who Are Blood Sugar Support Supplements For?

There is no inherent reason why someone cannot use blood sugar support products. To manage hunger, keep weight off, assist in brain function, and manage symptoms of diabetes, having good blood sugar is essential.

However, many supplement makers market their products to two distinct categories of people: pre-diabetics and diabetics.

As a person with diabetes, your body’s ability to maintain blood sugar is compromised. Insulin, which is generally used to help your blood sugar drop, has been ineffective for you, and your body has built up a resistance to it. In treating specific conditions, doctors may recommend dietary modifications, exercise, weight reduction, or medications. Today, many prediabetic people or have diabetes use nutritional supplements to manage their disease with doctor-approved treatment plans.

You may take diabetes or pre-diabetes supplements if you don’t have diabetes or pre-diabetes. In the vast majority of supplements, the components have a dual purpose of promoting general cardiovascular health and wellbeing.

Some individuals additionally use vitamins that help maintain blood sugar levels and minimize cravings for eating while also supporting hormone synthesis. Some nutrients support blood sugar via numerous mechanisms. Various blood sugar support products might assist you in attaining your objectives.

Benefits of Supplements for Blood Sugar Regulation

Research has shown the finest blood sugar support pills to be supported by science. In some cases, individual ingredients are researched about their impact on people’s blood sugar levels. In contrast, in other patients, whole supplement formulas are evaluated based on evidence gathered outside the product.

However, there is strong scientific evidence to support the fact that diabetes may be reversed, even when no treatment is available. By adopting an extremely low-calorie regimen for many months, you may trigger your pancreas to begin producing insulin and, if you have diabetes, save yourself from experiencing most of the symptoms. Studies show that consuming about 625-850 calories a day with a diet on liquids for 2-5 months can successfully address diabetes in the study participants.

Blood Sugar Support Supplement Ingredients; What Science says

Bariatric, low-calorie diets, and carb restriction have all been proven to be capable of reversing diabetes in a recent 2019 study. If you use these strategies and keep an eye on your diet, you can treat diabetes. But although no proof merely taking any supplement may reverse or cancel your diabetes, there is vital scientific data to show that specific therapeutic lifestyle changes may do so.

Many supplement products for blood sugar support include Chromium — and for an excellent reason. There are several studies (1,2,3) that suggest that Chromium is necessary for insulin resistance. People with diabetes have decreased Chromium when compared to those who don’t have the disease. Many advise diabetic sufferers to take Chromium supplements because of this. Researchers discovered in a 2004 evaluation that Chromium supplements with doses ranging from 200mcg to 1,000mcg might help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. You might support blood sugar by taking the prescribed amount of Chromium every day.

Biotin can be included in numerous products. Studies have shown Biotin supplementation help to regulate blood sugar levels (4) in individuals with diabetes. Biotin supplementation might potentially decrease blood sugar but speak to a doctor before using them. People with diabetes often use Biotin and Chromium to treat their symptoms. These substances can be found in most multivitamins and supplements that promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Guggul is an Ayurvedic medicine ingredient for improving health and wellbeing. Nowadays, it’s trendy in blood sugar supplements as well. Guggul has been shown to help glycemic control in several trials (5,6). For example, researchers administered guggul extract to diabetic mice. They found that the drug’s effects included reduced blood sugar management, reduced cholesterol levels, and several other advantages. A study revealed that guggul possesses qualities that may help diabetic individuals in fighting diabetes, preventing cancer, and reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad”) cholesterol.

Bitter Melon. This is another common supplement ingredient for people with diabetes. It is common knowledge that bitter melon helps regulate blood sugar levels while conflicting results have been reported. For example, researchers in this 2013 study (7) have discovered it is associated with anti-diabetic benefits in the majority of their investigations. However, it was found out that most studies were of small size or afflicted with various faults. Although this particular ingredient does not feature hypoglycemic agents, similar types of agents (such insulin-like peptides, Charantin, as well as alkaloid-like extracts) do possess anti-diabetic effects.

People with diabetes who use licorice extract as a support supplement in their blood sugar tests may be shocked to see traces of it in their blood. This ingredient has been utilized for millennia for health reasons, most notably digestion issues. Licorice extract is used in several products for supporting blood sugar to treat diabetes and pre-diabetes. According to science (8), licorice prevents diabetes. Licorice root extract seems to aid with regulation, according to multiple studies.

Studies (9,10) have revealed that cinnamon bark may aid persons with diabetes in certain instances. For example, consuming 1, 3, or 6g of cinnamon extract daily will lower blood glucose, triglycerides and regulate cholesterol in persons with diabetes, according to a study published in Diabetes journal.

ALA, or alpha-lipoic acid, is present in several products that maintain blood sugar levels. A study (11) conducted over ten years demonstrated substantial improvements in diabetic neuropathy sufferers. Scientists believe that this compound, called alpha-lipoic acid, inhibits nuclear factor-kappa B while simultaneously activating AMPK and resulting in a broad spectrum of metabolic changes.

Banaba leaf (12) is present in several blood sugar support products and is a natural plant source of Chromium. It shows that in persons with diabetes, consuming it for two weeks lowers blood sugar by 10%. When combined with insulin, it seems that it has minimal benefits, yet it performs marvelously when used in conjunction with it.

L-Taurine, together with other amino acids, may be used in specific supplements to support blood sugar levels. A 2012 study (13) showed that taurine might have many beneficial effects on a cellular function level for diabetes. Taurine altered diabetic symptoms at the cellular level, according to researchers. 1.5g to 3g of L-taurine improved assays related to glucose metabolism, as well as other measures.

While there are many natural components associated with blood sugar, overall, there are enough of them. Appropriate combinations of crucial elements and dose levels allow for a variety of approaches to supporting blood sugar.

The positive effects of support supplements to help with blood sugar are side effects.

Not everyone who takes a blood sugar support product will suffer any adverse effects.

Food and Drug Administration laws require that all supplements adhere to the most well-known known (GRAS). All responsible supplement manufacturers use substances on the FDA’s list of GRAS. Healthy individuals who follow a healthy lifestyle don’t experience anything in the way of adverse effects while taking these components.

It is essential to consult a doctor right before taking any supplement for regulating blood sugar since this might affect your condition. Although medicine might raise the chance of adverse effects, you are taking it to help with your illness.

Once More, Dosing

The supplement for blood sugar support’s prescribed dose should be followed. pills per day are often recommended to do the trick.

Various ingredients have been scientifically proven to work for a specific dose. Most studies that examine the relationship between Chromium and blood sugar levels have employed daily doses of roughly 250mcg.

According to Diabetes Journal, cinnamon extract, at doses of 1-6g per day, supplements have helped assist people with diabetes.

A dose of 1-3g of L-taurine together with amino acids is the average daily dosage. Improvements in the metabolism of glucose have been shown with the use of these dosage amounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Supplements for Blood Sugar Support

Here are the FAQs for such supplements, answered:

Q: What are supplements for blood sugar support?

A: Blood sugar support supplements are products that promote healthy blood sugar levels. They aid in regulating blood sugar levels naturally by including minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, natural or herbal ingredients.

Q: Who should use such supplements?

A: Nearly all diabetes support products are advertised to pre-diabetics or already suffering from diabetes. Individuals who have difficulties with blood sugar or cardiovascular health might consider taking a supplement that supports blood sugar control.

Q: How do these supplements work?

A: The vast majority of supplements for blood sugar maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range by using natural components. It has been proven that certain herbal extracts, such as milk thistle, can promote the synthesis of those hormones that help maintain blood sugar constant. Studies have shown Chromium deficiencies are common in people with diabetes.

Q: Can diabetes be reversed?

A: The prevailing opinion is that there is a cure for diabetes. While it seems that reversing diabetes has yet to be achieved, research points to the fact that it is conceivable. According to a recent study, you might cure type II diabetes and restart insulin production by keeping a low-calorie diet at the extreme (less than 850 calories a day) for 2-6 months.

Q: Is diabetes curable?

A: No, definitely not. Diabetes cannot be “cured” with any vitamins, diabetic medicines, or treatment methods.

Q: What kind of supplement should I use for treating or preventing diabetes?

A: Most support supplements for blood sugar are capsule-based. It is recommended to use 1-2 capsules a day to help control blood sugar. Supplements are available in many forms. Use them as per their directions.

Q: Is it okay to use supplement products that maintain blood sugar levels?

A: Anyone may use such supplements to help with blood sugar control. The FDA’s (GRAS) list of ingredients must be mentioned for all supplements. On this list are 100% safe for most individuals when taken at the recommended doses.

Q: Does the FDA approve diabetes supplements?

A: No basis to approve or refuse supplements is recognized by the FDA. Because the FDA hasn’t authorized any such supplements or any others, there are no approved supplements on the market.

Q: Are supplements for diabetes sold legally?

A: The vast majority of diabetic supplements are OK, with some on the wrong side of the boundary. FDA laws require that supplements cannot make medical claims such as treating diabetes, curing diabetes, or reducing blood sugar. They are not useless since supplements might promise to keep blood sugar levels healthy. Before, the FDA has handed out penalties to supplement firms that violate rules.

Q: Are there a lot of benefits provided by supplements for blood sugar?

A: It is well known that the primary use of supplements presented above and other such types of products is to maintain blood sugar levels normal. It is helpful to have other advantages to augment blood sugar support pills. A portion of the target’s blood flow and pressure is being measured. Many hormonal processes are targeted, such as hunger, weight reduction, and growth. Many hormonal methods are targeted, such as hunger, weight reduction, and development.

Q: Will using a supplement for supporting blood sugar help me lose weight?

A: Some supplement businesses market their supplements as being weight reduction aids in addition to blood sugar assistance. Their help for weight reduction is said to come in a variety of ways. People with variable blood sugar have a hard time controlling their appetite; therefore, their blood sugar level influences how hungry they feel.

Q: Which are diabetes’ symptoms?

A: High blood sugar is often associated with several symptoms, including increased thirst, frequent urination, exhaustion, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, a fruity-smelling breath, and a dry mouth. The main sign of diabetes has too much sugar in the blood. Diabetes causes symptoms that are comparable to a high blood sugar level. You are more likely to encounter these symptoms if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Q: Can supplements take the place of medicine for diabetes?

A: Supplement advertisements promise to help regulate blood sugar and combat diabetes, while in fact, they are identical to your prescription diabetic medicine. Unless ordered by your doctor, don’t stop taking your diabetic medication.

Q: Are doctors recommending supplements for diabetes?

A: Since most supplements for blood sugar-regulating are not authorized by physicians to treat diabetes, they should not be used as diabetic treatment. Yet the most respected and well-known diabetes support supplements were created by medical professionals and made with diabetics in mind

Q: Are diabetes support supplements expensive?

A: Of all the blood sugar and diabetes support natural solutions available, the most often sold ones are priced at $50-$70 per bottle, with each bottle supplying for one month.

Best Natural Blood Sugar Support Supplements Conclusion

For those with diabetes, using such supplements as the ones presented above may help the body maintain appropriate blood sugar levels. Diabetics and pre-diabetics have a more difficult time controlling blood sugar than non-diabetics. People who have elevated blood sugar may use blood sugar support supplements. Other people use it since keeping their blood sugar level within normal limits is essential to them.

There are several frauds in these supplements’ sector, including products that claim to have the ability to completely treat diabetes in only weeks, without any lifestyle adjustments.

Thankfully, the best blood sugar support supplements are readily available, such as those created by medical specialists and supported by research to help regulate blood sugar levels.

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