Heart Disease Code Reviews – Real Cardiovascular Benefits?

Heart Disease Code is an all-in-one toolkit for heart disease.

For $39.95, you get a package of eBooks, videos, and guides explaining everything you need to know about heart disease. You can learn how to reduce your risk of heart disease and support your cardiovascular health.

Is Heart Disease Code worth the price? What will you learn in the Heart Disease Code? Find out everything you need to know about this package of digital products today in our review.

What is Heart Disease Code?

Heart Disease Code is a package of eBooks, videos, tutorials, and guides sold exclusively online through HeartDiseaseCode.com.


Heart Disease Code was developed to give you everything you need to fight and prevent heart disease. For $39.95, you get step-by-step instructions on fighting heart disease, reducing the risk of heart disease, and improving your cardiovascular health, among other benefits.

Heart Disease Code was created by a man named Matt Carter, who watched his family struggle with heart disease for years. Matt decided to do something. He interviewed top heart disease experts worldwide, then created a documentary called “The Untold Story of Heart Disease.” As part of his research for that documentary, Matt also created Heart Disease Code.

Here’s how Matt describes Heart Disease Code:

“I also created during that time period hundreds of Heart-Healthy recipes and a step-by-step guidebook to preventing and fighting Heart Disease, along with managing high blood pressure and cholesterol called “Heart Disease Code.”

Today, you can buy that collection of heart disease information online for $39.95, then receive instant digital access to Matt’s heart disease protocol.

Your purchase includes a Heart Disease Code and full access to “The Untold Story of Heart Disease” documentary.

What Will You Learn in Heart Disease Code?

Matt claims he has “discovered the code to fighting heart disease naturally.” He wants to share that code with others through the Heart Disease Code.

The Heart Disease Code aims to equip people with all of the tools they need to lower their blood pressure, reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, lose weight, drop their cholesterol, and enjoy other benefits.

Matt is not a fan of medical doctors. He watched his family struggle with heart disease even after taking doctor-prescribed heart medication. He claims doctors target the symptoms of heart disease – not the root causes.

In Heart Disease Code, you’ll discover how Matt recommends targeting the root causes of heart disease using nutrition, exercise, and other proven strategies.

The Story Behind Heart Disease Code

According to the official website, the Heart Disease Code was created by a team of “40+ former heart disease patients, doctors, nutritionists, and other experts,” according to the official website. The company claims real doctors and nutritionists helped develop the program, using their medical expertise to recommend the best ways to reduce your heart disease risk and manage your condition.

Most of the Heart Disease Code was created by a man named Matt Carter, although he interviews experts for the documentary.

Nearly every member of Matt’s family died from a heart attack or stroke – or they currently have high blood pressure or cholesterol that puts them at higher risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Matt wanted to help. Here’s how Matt explains his motivation for creating Heart Disease Code:

“Heart Disease has killed, crippled, and destroyed the lives of many of my loved ones…And I was next in line. Through the years, I have watched my family members suffer from the terrible side effects of drugs for high blood pressure and cholesterol…And I got tired of it. It’s a heartbreaking experience that I don’t want anyone to experience.”

Matt was motivated to find a solution. He studied medicine in college but quickly became disillusioned with mainstream medicine. He distrusted doctors, and he disliked the heart disease medication doctors prescribed to his parents.

After reading “about a dozen books” about heart disease, Matt realized books had an agenda. Matt decided to travel the world and interview cardiologists, doctors, scientists, and researchers specializing in heart disease.

Matt thought it would be a three-month project. It turned into a three-year project.

Based on his research, Matt created a full documentary series called “The Untold Story of Heart Disease.” He also created Heart Disease Code, an all-in-one guide for managing heart disease risk.

Who Should Buy Heart Disease Code?

Matt specifically markets Heart Disease Code to anyone struggling with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other things linked to a higher risk of a heart attack or stroke.

According to Matt and the Heart Disease Code sales page, all of the following people can benefit from Heart Disease Code:

People with high blood pressure, including anyone who wants to target the root cause of high blood pressure instead of relying solely on medication

People with abnormal cholesterol, including anyone who wants to minimize or eliminate their need for cholesterol medications by targeting the root cause of high cholesterol

Anyone with a family history of heart disease, including those who want to avoid suffering the same fate as many of their family members

People with type II diabetes want to learn how to naturally balance their blood sugar while “reducing their dependence on medications.”

People struggling with their weight who want to learn more about the psychology of weight loss, the truth about overeating, and how to break the influence of food

Anyone experiencing erectile dysfunction due to poor blood flow, including those who want to learn to maintain healthy blood vessels

Matt claims Heart Disease Code could “reverse” heart disease in all of the above groups. Instead of being resigned to your fate, you can take action today.

Can Heart Disease Code Reverse Heart Disease?

The Heart Disease Code sales page suggests that heart disease could be reversed by implementing healthy lifestyle habits today.

Some of the proven ways to manage your heart disease include:

Regulate your blood pressure. By keeping your blood pressure in a safe zone, you can ultimately eliminate the need to take any blood pressure medication whatsoever.

Have healthy cholesterol. Cholesterol clogs your arteries, increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. By keeping cholesterol at a healthy level, you can manage your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Have more energy. Heart Disease Code claims to target your blood chemistry. By balancing your blood chemistry, you can nourish your cells and enjoy more energy, among other benefits.

Lose weight. Losing weight is a proven way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Heart Disease Code teaches you how to enjoy food and eat a heart-healthy diet – all without the addiction that can lead to obesity.

Heart Disease Code Features & Benefits

Heart Disease Code claims to offer all of the following features and benefits:

Improve Blood Pressure: Heart Disease Code claims to teach you the underlying causes of high blood pressure. It also teaches you alternative methods to fighting those symptoms naturally.

Support Healthy Cholesterol: Matt and the Heart Disease Code team claim that “high cholesterol may not be bad” because the function of cholesterol is more important than the numbers. Heart Disease Code teaches you how to produce optimal cholesterol that your body needs, leading to better heart health.

Reduce Heart Attack Risk: Matt claims heart attacks are not caused by “what many people think.” In Heart Disease Code, he’ll teach you how to “slash your risk” of a heart attack and live your life to its full potential.

Reduce Stroke Risk: Matt claims his protocol could reduce the risk of a stroke by teaching you how to build flexible arteries that don’t burst. Matt recommends using herbs, natural foods, and ingredients that fortify your blood vessels to reduce your risk of a stroke.

Fight Type II Diabetes: There’s no known cure for type II diabetes. However, Matt claims you can fight the causes of type II diabetes using alternative treatment programs, natural foods, and the right supplements to complement conventional medicine.

Lose Weight: Heart Disease Code claims to help with “weight loss management.” Matt teaches you some of the “dirty tricks” used by “greedy food manufacturers” to affect your brain chemistry, causing you to overeat foods that cause obesity and heart disease. Matt claims that “dieting and burning calories” is not the only solution for weight loss. In fact, he claims dieting and burning calories “is possibly the worst advice imaginable.”

Help Poor Circulation: Heart Disease Code teaches you how to solve poor circulatory issues. The protocol teaches you how numbness, erectile dysfunction, and other effects are symptoms of poor circulatory health.

What’s Included with Heart Disease Code?

When you buy Heart Disease Code online today, you get complete access to “The Untold Story of Heart Disease” documentary. You also get companion guides, heart disease eBooks, and other tools to manage your condition.

Here’s what you get with each purchase of Heart Disease Code:


The 9 Steps to Fight & Prevent Heart Disease: This eBook recommends diet and exercise strategies and other tips for fighting and preventing heart disease. By implementing these tips today, you could significantly reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke.


The Heart Healthy Cookbook: This cookbook teaches you 50 easy-to-prepare recipes that are also friendly for your heart. These recipes can purportedly protect your cardiovascular system. Matt claims he has an “in-house chef” who created all of the recipes in this eBook.


Untold Story of Heart Disease Companion Guides: These step-by-step guides cover the lessons in each episode of “The Untold Story of Heart Disease” documentary. You get episode recaps, notes, exercises, and quizzes for each episode. Matt recommends using these guides to lose weight, gain energy, and fight heart disease.


Top 50 Foods for Heart Health: Certain foods are proven to support cardiovascular health. In this eBook, Matt discusses how a unique plant extract can fight high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. He also mentions an antioxidant that protects you against free radicals that wreak havoc on your blood vessels.


Heart Health Supplementation Guide: There are thousands of supplements that claim to target cardiovascular health differently. Most of them are built on junk science. In this report, Matt outlines the best natural health supplements for heart disease. By taking Matt’s recommended heart disease supplements daily, you can purportedly support cardiovascular health.


Cardiovascular Health Testing Guide: Matt recommends undergoing tests to get a unique insight into your heart’s health. He claims a simple lipid test is outdated. He recommends asking your doctor for other tests to ensure you get the complete story behind your heart’s health.


The Gut Heart Connection: Matt claims there’s a connection between your gut health and your heart health. When you have poor gut health, it can lead to poor cardiovascular health. Matt claims bad guts allow harmful bacteria into your blood, causing heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and blocked arteries. In this eBook, he teaches you how to support the gut heart connection.

Complete Access to The Untold Story of Heart Disease: When you buy Heart Disease Code online today, you get complete access to “The Untold Story of Heart Disease.” It’s a documentary created by Matt. He interviews 40+ doctors, nutritionists, and other experts worldwide about their thoughts on heart disease. You get access to all 9 episodes.

The Untold Story of Heart Disease Episodes

By buying Heart Disease Code today, you get complete access to Matt’s heart disease documentary, “The Untold Story of Heart Disease.”


The nine episodes of the documentary series include all of the following:

The Big Fat Cover-Up: The Captivating Story of Demonizing Fat: We’ve been told to avoid eating saturated fat for decades to support heart health. Matt and other experts claim this idea is flawed and that you should eat saturated fat as part of a well-balanced diet.

Cholesterol: The Surprising Story Never Told: Rules about cholesterol change constantly. Some people don’t eat eggs because they think eggs raise cholesterol. In this episode, Matt gets to the bottom of cholesterol to determine if it’s hazardous to eat high cholesterol foods.

Statin Crazy: Friend or Foe: Statins help prevent coronary heart disease in some patients. They lower your cholesterol and prevent heart attacks and strokes. However, Matt claims that statins may not be the right solution for everyone. Some doctors over-prescribe statins when they’re not the best option.

The True Cause of Heart Disease: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Matt claims high cholesterol and other factors don’t tell the heart disease’s full story. The true cause of heart disease is more complex. In this episode, Matt identifies the true cause of heart disease and how you can target that cause.

The Danger of Killer Foods and Toxic Killers: In this episode, Matt explores the role that foods play in heart disease. Foods can be heavily processed or rich in toxins. They can weaken your gut and your cardiovascular health. Matt explores which foods to avoid and which foods to eat for optimal cardiovascular health.

The Blood Sugar Tragedy: Overcoming Diabetes & Hope for Change: In this episode, Matt explores natural strategies for managing type II diabetes and blood sugar.

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The Powerful Effect of Food Addiction: Food addiction leads to obesity. Some people overeat regularly and can’t help it. In this episode, Matt explores the powerful effect of food addiction – and how to break the cycle.

High Blood Pressure Decoded & Tools for Thriving: High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. In this episode, Matt explores the root causes of high blood pressure and how to manage your blood pressure.

The Power of Nutrition for a Disease-Free Life: Nutrition and disease are closely linked. People with healthy, balanced nutrition tend to have a lower risk of disease. In this episode, Matt explores the connection between nutrition and disease.

All videos are designed to be easy to watch – even if you have no medical experience. They’re designed for ordinary folks and not medical students. You get practical, actionable advice on managing your cardiovascular disease.

The Untold Story of Heart Disease Features & Benefits

“The Untold Story of Heart Disease” emphasizes the following benefits:

Heart Disease Code Pricing

The Heart Disease Code is priced at $39.95.


You can exclusively buy the program online through HeartDiseaseCode.com. Your purchase is processed instantly, and you receive immediate access to the program and all materials listed above.

Heart Disease Code Refund Policy

A 60-day refund policy backs the Heart Disease Code.

If you’re unhappy with the information in the Heart Disease Code for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days. Because the program is digital, there’s no need to return anything to complete the refund process.

Who Created Heart Disease Code?

The Heart Disease Code was created by a man named Matt Carter. Matt watched his family struggle with heart disease for decades. He wanted to make a change, so he spent three years interviewing cardiologists, medical doctors, and alternative health specialists worldwide, searching for the cure for heart disease.


Some of the experts interviewed in the Heart Disease Code and “The Untold Story of Heart Disease” include Jack Wolfson (a cardiologist), Dr. Mark Hyman, and William Davis (another cardiologist).


Matt partnered with Clickbank to sell Heart Disease Code online.

You can contact the makers of the Heart Disease Code via the following:

Final Word

Matt Carter claims he has “discovered the code to fighting heart disease naturally.” When you buy Heart Disease Code, you get an all-in-one toolkit for managing heart disease and supporting your cardiovascular health.

Your purchase includes access to “The Untold Story of Heart Disease” documentary and all nine episodes, companion guides for those nine episodes, recipe books, and other guides and tutorials.

To learn more about Heart Disease Code and how it works, visit online today at HeartDiseaseCode.com.

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