Islanders Respond to Unrest At Capitol, Closer To Home

After a mob attack at the nation’s Capitol, members of Vashon’s Backbone Campaign went into action.

A message in light was projected on the side of a building in downtown Seattle the day after a mob supporting President Donald Trump assaulted the nation’s Capitol building, leaving five dead:

“Remove Trump. Democracy Not Dictatorship.”

Members of Vashon’s Backbone Campaign activist group had brought their message to locations across the area, beginning early last Thursday morning to raise a banner over the Yesler Way overpass calling for the 25th amendment to remove the president for his part in invoking the mob. The banner is seen above in the group’s workshop on the island.

For his part, Bill Moyer, executive director of The Backbone Campaign, said he feels that protest art allows those struggling to cope with their indignation to see that others are standing with them.

“It reinforces that someone is still committed to defending the protection of the democracy that we aspire to be,” he said.

The chaos was not confined to D.C. Many cities and communities braced for more unrest, and last week Gov. Inslee called in the National Guard over fears of demonstrators in Olympia who organized protests and breached the fence at his home to invade and occupy the front lawn for a brief time.

In the meantime, on Tuesday House Democrats in D.C. prepared to introduce an impeachment article against President Trump following the attack at the Capitol.

Other local actions are also expected, though in contrast, among them is an island celebration of the presidential inauguration next week.

Indivisible Vashon will welcome the new Biden-Harris administration with a car parade rolling through town Wednesday, Jan. 20, gathering at 12 p.m. in the parking lot of the Open Space for Arts & Community.

For more information, including how to drive in the parade, please contact

Separately, Indivisible will host its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20 online. Pre-register online.