Orca Eats moves to new kitchen

Orca Eats has purchased the space that Patty’s Place once occupied.

Get ready for a new neighbor uptown, as the Orca Eats food truck will be moving into the kitchen that was formerly known as Patty’s Place.

“I needed a new kitchen, and kitchens are few and far between, and that’s what drew me to it,” said Emily Wigley, the owner of Orca Eats. “It’s a nice, large, centrally located kitchen.”

The expanded kitchen space allows for Wigley to do more with Orca Eats. This includes a space for people to pick up Orca Shares meals, which are pre-ordered meals for four that include an entrée, side and dessert. The space also allows for Wigley to operate Orca Eats’ Pay It Forward free lunch program.

On Wednesdays, from 12 to 2 p.m., people can come to the Orca Eats food truck which will be parked outside the new kitchen building.

“People will simply come and tell us what they’d like to eat for their order, and they will be served,” said Wigley. “It’s a free meal program for anyone who would like to have it, no questions asked. There will be a choice of a few items for people to choose from just like they were paying customers when we’re serving on the street.”

Orca Eats’ Pay It Forward program is funded through profits from Orca Eats and donations.

Wigley will not be opening a restaurant, and is looking for a tenant to sublease the dining room in the new space. She expects the kitchen to be up and running in the next two to three weeks.

For more information, join the Orca Eats email list at emilysharingorcaeats.substack.com.