Reduced speed limits on Vashon Highway? King County wants your input

Two areas of the island would see speed limits reduced by five miles per hour.

Should Vashon Highway’s speed limit be cranked down on the north end, and just south of town?

The county wants to hear your opinion on a proposal to do just that.

After receiving requests from the community, the county road services department says it has proposed speed limit changes on two areas of Vashon Highway:

  • Between SW 182nd St and SW Cemetery Road, reduce the speed limit from 40 mph to 35 mph.
  • Between SW 127th St and SW 153rd St, reduce the speed limit from 50 mph to 45 mph.

The proposed changes would match existing speed limits near the affected areas, according to the county, making the road’s speed more consistent. Slower speed limits mean more time for drivers and pedestrians to react, which reduces the risk and severity of collisions.

And “traffic data shows that most drivers are already driving the proposed speed limit,” the county said on the proposal’s project website.

Get involved

Public comments on the proposal must be submitted between Feb. 26 and March 11.

Review the proposal and fill out a response form here. Comments can be emailed to, or mailed to Amy Bresslour, DLS, Road Services Division, KSC-LS-0313, 201 South Jackson St, Seattle 98104.

To request speed limit or speed zone changes, call the 24/7 Road Helpline at 206-477-8100 or email