Scene & Heard: Helping a fine feathered friend

Islander Pat Call was riding his bike and saw the owl sitting in a ditch, all wet.

Islanders Griffin and Ramona Simmons jumped into action last month to help an injured owl.

It all started when Pat Call was riding his bike on the Westside Hwy., and saw the owl sitting in a ditch, all wet. His wife, Ellen, was at Tressa Azpiri’s house when Pat called her to tell her about the owl.

Azpiri volunteered to go assist the owl — as she has assisted other animals in the past.

“I followed Pat’s directions and easily found the scared, cold, injured owl,” Azpiri said. “With full calmness, I spoke to the owl and explained I would help him. I wrapped him in a blanket and put him in my car. He was very wet and cold, not fully opening his eyes. I told him I was going to dry him with a hairdryer to help him get warm and warned him it would be loud. For the first 15 seconds, he complained, then he laid back, relaxed, and opened his wing as if to say, ‘dry me here.’ By the time he was warm and dry, his eyes were fully open and he was completely comfortable with me.”

The owl had several visitors during his two-day stay with Azpiri, including the Simmons children. They, along with other friends and neighbors, treated the owl with tender, loving kindness.

“It was a gift and an honor to care for Mr. Owl,” Azpiri said.

One day after being held by the Simmons children, the owl was taken to the Progressive Animal Welfare Society, in Lynnwood, for medical care. He is still being cared for at the facility, and recovering.