Two guilty pleas, one charged in island criminal cases

Here’s the latest on two criminal incidents, and an islander has been charged in a third recent case.

Two criminal incidents on Vashon-Maury Island have recently ended in convictions and are headed toward sentencing, and an islander has been charged in a third recent case.

Two men accused of crime on the island years ago both entered guilty pleas in March, and are scheduled for sentencing in April.

Meanwhile, a man has been charged in an assault case related to a large police incident on the island in February.

The Beachcomber has previously reported on these cases, and we strive to follow up on anyone charged with a crime who is named in the paper.

Jacob Mulhair

Mulhair is charged with third-degree assault and felony harassment for allegedly tasing and threatening to kill a household member in an incident that prompted a large law enforcement response to the island on Feb. 12.

In an interview from jail, Mulhair acknowledged using the taser but told The Beachcomber that he did so because he was being overwhelmed and harassed. Mulhair said he did not make any threats to kill. He said he intends to reach a plea deal in the case.

The Beachcomber will revisit this case more fully in a comprehensive article soon.

Alexander Kindred

Alexander Kindred pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide on March 13. He was convicted for accidentally killing islander Philip Cushman when Kindred struck Cushman with his car in August 2022.

The plea bifurcates his case so that Kindred can attend the county’s Regional Mental Health Court for supervision and treatment, according to court documents, as “mental illness contributed to his conduct in his case.”

His vehicular homicide conviction carries a standard sentence of 15 to 20 months in prison, according to court documents. According to the county prosecutor’s office, his bifurcated plea deal, which also includes charges of reckless endangerment and fourth-degree assault, will amount to 33 months of electronic home detention with mental health treatment, and a year of Department of Corrections supervision. Kindred has 15 months of credit for time served on those charges.

His sentencing is set for April 19. The Beachcomber will report on the case more fully at the time of sentencing.

Luciano Alvarado-Fuentes

Luciano Alvarado-Fuentes pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault, a misdemeanor, on March 5. He was convicted of the assault of a person with a sexual motivation. (Alvarado-Fuentes was previously charged with third-degree rape, a felony.)

His crime carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail, according to court documents, and prosecutors have agreed to ask for 364 days suspended, with a 24-month probation period. In other words, Alvarado-Fuentes would avoid serving jail time as long as he does not violate the terms of his probation — which includes having no contact with the victim.

A prosecutor noted that the victim was supportive of this resolution to the case, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Alvarado-Fuentes’ sentencing is set for April 5.