Vashon Energy building demolished

More than half a year after the Vashon Energy fire, the owners of the Vashon Highway property are tearing the building down.The owners include members of the off-island Strickland and Porterfield families. Ryan Megenity, a property manager for the Stricklands, said they intend to construct a new building for the propane business. Jim Ellifrit, the area director for Amerigas, which owns Vashon Energy, did not respond to a request for comment confirming Amerigas’ intentions to return to the site.

At King County’s Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER), Sheryl Lux, a code enforcement manager, said last week that the property owners have not submitted any permit applications, including one for demolition, which is required. Late last week, DPER officials reported they have opened a case for work at the site and are investigating.